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Around the World Slots

Around the World

Game Description

Go on a journey across the planet travelling by air and train, and taking in some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Based upon the game of hi-low, you can have hours of fun and hopefully land some huge winnings.

Around the World

How To Play

To start the game you need to place a bet and click on the ‘Start’ button. A wheel at the bottom of the screen will then spin and the first number is selected. All you then have to do is click on ‘Lower’ or ‘Higher’ depending on what you think the next number will be. There are fifty numbers on the wheel (1 – 50) and as long as you guess correctly, you will advance along a trail that takes you around the world. If you guess incorrectly you receive a strike, if you get two strikes it ends the round.

Every fifth stop on the trail is a major landmark and if you reach one, it will clear your strikes and give you the chance to cash out or keep playing. The first stop is Paris, the second is New York, the third China and the fourth London.

If you reach a landmark without any strikes then you will win a multiple of your initial bet. Paris offers a 2.5x multiplier, New York a 3x multiplier, China a 3.5x multiplier and London a 4x multiplier. If you reach a landmark with one strike then the bet is not multiplied but you have the option to cash out and keep your original stake. 

The wheel also has a number of special segments on it to help you along the way. There is an ‘RS’ segment, this stands for Remove Strike, there is an ‘AS’ segment which is Advance Step and will move you along one, finally there is an ‘AL’ segment which is Advance One Level and it will take you all the way to the next landmark.