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Bonus Bowling

Bonus Bowling

Game Description

Enjoy a night at the bowling alley, bet on the outcome of each frame and enjoy the chance to win more in the special Golden Frames. 

Bonus Bowling

How To Play

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a number of possible outcomes of the frame. These refer to how many pins are knocked down by two bowls of the ball, 0 – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 9, Spare (all ten pins in two bowls), and Strike (all ten pins in one bowl).

You can bet on multiple outcomes simultaneously and when you are happy with your bets simply click on the ‘Throw’ button. You will then see the two bowls and are paid out according to the results.

Bonus Features

On some rounds you will see a message in the top right hand corner saying ‘Golden Frame’. This means that it is a special game round and if the result is a Strike you will win 10x your total bet for that round. 


Each result offers different payouts, if 0 – 3 pins are knocked down you are paid at 2:1, if 4 – 6 pins are knocked down you are paid at 3:1, if 7 – 9 pins are knocked down you are paid at 5:1, if the result is a Spare you are paid at 10:1 and a Strike will payout at 25:1.