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Genie's Hi Lo

Genie's Hi Lo

Game Description

Genie’s Hi Lo simply requires you to guess whether the next card you choose will be higher or lower in value than the one before. While it is simple, you will find that the winnings can become very large very quickly if you manage to string together consecutive correct predictions and the game is sure to provide you with hours of fun.

Genie's Hi Lo

How to Play

Genie’s Hi Lo is played with a single deck of cards and you simply need to predict the next card’s value. You start a round by setting the amount you want to bet and clicking on ‘Confirm’.

You then need to pick one of twelve cards. After the card has been revealed you will be asked to make a prediction. You can bet on whether the next card you choose will be Higher or Lower in value, and you can also bet on whether it will be Red or Black. It is up to you whether you place both of these bets or just one. The harder the bet is the greater the possible winnings. For instance, if the visible card is a 5 of Clubs then the payout for betting lower will be greater than for betting higher. You can see the possible winnings displayed above the betting options. It is important to note that in Genie's Hi Lo Aces count as one (the lowest card).

After choosing your bet and clicking on ‘Confirm’ you will then need to pick another card. If one or both of your bets are incorrect then you will lose your money and the game ends. If your bets are all correct, you can choose to either Cash Out your winnings and end the game, or Continue and bet the amount that you have won.

If you continue, the previous card is displayed on the left hand side. Once again, you need to place one or both bets, click Confirm and pick a card. You can continue until you have successfully predicted all 11 cards.