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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Game Description

The simple hand game of Rock Paper Scissors has been used to solve many a dispute and in this version of it, you can win some big payouts. Simply choose whether you want to play with Rock, Paper or Scissors, and then beat your opponent to win. If you are feeling brave then you can bet on a winning streak and win even more.

Rock Paper Scissors

How to Play

The game of Rock Paper Scissors has ancient origins and has been played for many years by people looking to settle disputes. The game has very simple rules. Two players will simultaneously form one of three shapes with their hands, a rock (a closed fist), paper (a flat hand), or scissors (a fist with the index finger and middle finger extended to form a V).

Rock crushes scissors, paper covers rocks, and scissors can cut paper. Thanks to this, there are only two possible outcomes of the game, a win for a player or a draw.

To play this game you first need to set your bet. Then select whether you want to use Rock, Paper or Scissors. You will then play against the computer. You also have the option of betting on a winning streak of two, three or four rounds, and doing so opens up the possibility of far larger payouts.


If you win a single round of the game and win then you will receive 1.9 times your bet. If you draw then your bet is returned as a push. If you bet on two consecutive wins and win both rounds then you receive 8.7 times your bet, bet and win three consecutive rounds to receive 26 times your bet, and bet and win four consecutive rounds to receive 78 times your bet.