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Rollercoaster Dice

Rollercoaster Dice

Game Description

You are in for the ride of a lifetime when you start playing Roller Coaster Dice. Simply guess whether a roll of two dice will produce a higher or lower total than the round before to climb up the ladder. Make your way all the way to the top to win payouts of up to 30 times your bet.

Rollercoaster Dice

How to Play

Roller Coaster Dice is a simple guessing game focused on the roll of a pair of dice. You just need to guess whether the next roll’s total will be higher or lower than the roll before.

At the start of a round you need to set your bet.  When you are ready click on ‘Play’ and the first dice roll takes place. You will be shown the result and then need to choose from a number of options. If the total is less than 7 then you choose from “Lower or Same” and “Higher”, if the total is 7 then you choose between “Lower or Same” and “Higher or Same”, and if the total is higher than 7 then you choose between “Lower” and “Higher or Same”.

The dice are rolled again after you have picked. If you choose incorrectly then you lose your bet and the game ends. If you choose correctly, you will advance one level. The only other rule is that if you roll two 7’s in a row then you will always win.

To the right of the reels you will see a ladder and each time you advance a level you move up one step on the ladder. The higher you climb on the ladder the larger the payouts you will win.


Reaching the fifth step of the ladder wins 4x, at the seventh step you can win 7x, at the ninth step you can win 13x and at the eleventh step you can win 30x. Each time you reach one of these levels you will be given the option of cashing out. You can choose to take your winnings or continue playing.