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Paysafecard is a pre-paid card that you can use to quickly, easily and securely top up your Casino Las Vegas account balance. Paysafecard can be used at thousands of online shops in forty-five countries across the world. There is no need to use, or even have, a bank account with Paysafecard, you simply purchase the card for cash at one of their thousands of outlets and then use the card to deposit funds at the casino. Paysafecard also run a loyalty rewards scheme that gives users the chance to earn fantastic rewards, and the company also offers a rechargeable MasterCard. Paysafecard has become a hugely popular option for those who are worried about online privacy and security but want a way of carrying out fast and simple transactions.

About Paysafecard

Paysafecard was founded in the year 2000 as a solution for those looking for easy online payment methods. The company started in Austria and soon expanded to Germany. Today Paysafecard is available in nearly 50 countries, with the cards sold at over 600,000 outlets. Over the years the company has won numerous awards including the Pay Award for “Best Online or Mobile Commerce Solution” and many Paybefore Awards in categories such as “Best Digital Currency”, “Best Virtual or Digital Programme”, “Top Digital Dollars”, and “Consumer Value“. The company has an e-money license from the British Financial Conduct Authority and a MasterCard license allowing it to issue e-money and MasterCard products throughout the EU and elsewhere.

Safety And Protection

Paysafecard is one of the most secure and private methods with which to top up your Casino Las Vegas account. Because the card is purchased over the counter using cash (or card if you wish), it guarantees that no third party will have access to any of your personal information and that your financial information is not exposed at any time. In order to make a purchase with a Paysafecard, whether depositing funds at the casino or anything else, all you need to provide is the 16-digit PIN that comes with the card. Furthermore, Paysafecard PINs are completely un-hackable so there is no way that someone could steal your funds. You should treat the cards like cash, ensure that you don’t lose them and you can be sure that your money is completely safe. You should never divulge your PIN to anyone, as if you do then they will be able to spend your Paysafecard balance.

How To Deposit

In order to deposit at Casino Las Vegas using a Paysafecard you will first have to acquire one. There is a search function on the Paysafecard website that will help you find the nearest outlet. The cards are sold at thousands of shops around the world, and it is more than likely that there is one close to you.  Paysafecards can be purchased in a variety of denominations such as €10, €25, €50, and €100 and once you have the card and accompanying PIN, you can then use it to top up your casino account.

After purchasing your Paysafecard you need to login to your casino Las Vegas account and then visit the cashier. In the cashier, you should select Paysafecard as your preferred payment method and then choose deposit. You need to enter how much you wish to deposit and the 16-digit PIN code that you received with the card. The funds will then be verified and transferred to your account. You do not need to deposit the entire value of the card at once, but you do need to ensure that you are depositing at least the minimum required amount. If you will be using Paysafecard regularly then you can sign up for a ‘My Paysafecard’ account at the Paysafecard website. You can then top up the account using the PIN number and rather than entering the PIN in the casino cashier, you can simply login with a username and password. This way you will also be eligible for the Paysafecard loyalty programme.

How To Make A Withdrawal

Unfortunately, Paysafecard cannot be used for withdrawals. However, there are plenty of fast and easy to use withdrawal methods on offer at Casino Las Vegas and you are sure to find one of them convenient.

Benefits of using Paysafecard at Casino Las Vegas

You will find that there are a number of benefits to using Paysafecard to top up your Casino Las Vegas account. The number one benefit and the reason many people opt for Paysafecard is that you do not need a bank account or credit card in order to use it. This means that at no point do you need to provide private or financial information. You can purchase the card with cash and the only information the casino requires is the PIN code. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your deposits are not only very fast, but absolutely secure. You will also benefit from being able to use your Paysafecard at a number of other online retailers and this way keep your private information absolutely secure. The other major benefit is that when you use your Paysafecard at the casino you can collect points that can be used in the ‘my PLUS Shop’ as part of the loyalty scheme. There you will find discounts and exclusive offers at numerous popular, well-known shops.

What is the Difference Between Paysafecard and Other Cards?

While it takes no time to top up your casino account using a regular credit card, the advantage Paysafecard offers you is that it is completely independent. The card is not linked to your bank account and it does not store any of your personal information. This allows you to play at the casino without having to reveal any of your bank details at any stage of the proceedings, thereby adding an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.

What is the Difference Between Paysafecard and e-Wallets?

An e-wallet is a virtual wallet, you can place money into it and withdraw money from it. Paysafecard is a pre-paid card. This means that the amount of money on it is predetermined and you cannot add to it afterwards, rather you have to purchase a new card. This is why the cards cannot be used for withdrawing money from the casino.