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WebMoney is a payment solution originally designed for those in Russia and other countries from the former Soviet Union. However, today it is available globally and has more than 38 million users around the world. The company offers customers a versatile e-wallet as well as virtual credit cards and pre-paid cards. WebMoney offers many other services, well beyond the scope of online casino payments, and at the casino, it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. Thanks to its range of services, WebMoney can be used in a huge range of situations, both online and offline, and this combined with its ease of use has helped to make it one of the most popular payment options for online casino players.

About WebMoney

WebMoney was founded in Russia in 1998 and has its headquarters in Moscow. They offer a range of services designed to help customers keep track of funds, attract funding for projects, resolve financial disputes and of course, carry out online transactions. They offer customers four different types of “Passport” that can accommodate different needs, with each type of Passport needing a different level of verification. The Alias Passport is the default free of charge account; it is fine for making quick deposits but cannot be used for withdrawals. The Formal Passport is also free and can be obtained after verifying your identity with your actual passport and another official form of ID; it can be used for withdrawals and can also be linked to a Visa or MasterCard. Those who will be using WebMoney a lot will be interested in the Initial Passport or Personal Passport, these need to be registered for in person at a WebMoney office and are best suited to high rollers. The company’s services are available globally in a range of currencies including EUR and USD.

Safety And Protection

WebMoney takes security and privacy very seriously. They use three main authentication methods; the login uses a password and two-step verification in the form of a code that is sent to your mobile phone, which you then need to enter online. In addition, they use files with secret keys to protect your e-wallet and personal digital certificates. You will also need to verify transactions using a verification code or a service that generates single-use passwords. The company has a Financial Conduct Authority License, which means that it is in full compliance with EU legislation and has met the required security and privacy standards to be granted the license. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your money and personal information will be kept safe at all times.

How To Deposit

It is very quick and easy to deposit funds at Casino Las Vegas using WebMoney. Of course, you will first need to create a WebMoney account, but this is also a very straightforward process. You can sign up for the account at the WebMoney website in just a few minutes, and you can even acquire a WM Visa or a WM MasterCard. After creating your account, you need to fund it, and there are many ways of doing this, so you are sure to find one that is convenient.

Once your WebMoney account is setup and funded, you then need to login to your Casino Las Vegas account and visit the cashier, either through the website or through the casino software. There you need to select ‘Deposit’ and choose WebMoney as your preferred payment method. Then simply enter how much money you wish to deposit and you will be asked to login to your WebMoney account. Just confirm the payment and as long as you are depositing at least the minimum required amount and you have the funds available in your WebMoney wallet, the money will be available to play with immediately.

How To Make A Withdrawal

If you used WebMoney to fund your casino account then it is very easy to withdraw your winnings. Once again, you need to visit the cashier from your casino account, and this time select ‘Withdraw’. Next, you need to select WebMoney as the payment method and enter how much money you want to withdraw. You will be asked to provide a few more details and then, as long as the funds are available in your account, the casino will begin to process the transaction. After processing withdrawals are usually instant, but this can vary depending on the type of WebMoney account you have.

Benefits of using WebMoney at Casino Las Vegas

There are a number of advantages to using WebMoney at Casino Las Vegas. The main advantage is that it is a fast and secure way of funding your account. You will not have to provide any of your personal banking information so there is no risk to it, and you can be sure that WebMoney and the casino use the latest technologies to ensure the safety of your money. As mentioned, deposits are instantaneous, so there is no waiting around before you can play, and withdrawals are similarly speedy. Another advantage is that WebMoney supports a range of currencies, so you will be able to top up your account without having to exchange money. Furthermore, the process of topping up your WebMoney account is very straightforward and it can even be done with cash.

What is the Difference Between WebMoney and Neteller?

Both of these are e-wallets that offer similar services but there are some differences. WebMoney offers a huge range of services beyond the basic e-wallet. They offer different account types to accommodate different users, and even have a fundraising platform. Neteller offer many of these services as well and many of the differences between the two e-wallets lie in the fees charged. Ultimately, which one you choose to use will depend on how the fees will affect you. You will also want to consider your geographical location as the two e-wallets have been designed with different regions in mind, with WebMoney focused on Russia and Eastern Europe.