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Blackjack Pro (Single-Deck Blackjack)

Blackjack Pro (Single-Deck Blackjack)

Game Description

Those seeking the most serious Blackjack experience need look no further than Blackjack Pro. It is a single hand Blackjack game played with just one deck of cards. The game offers all the features you need for rapid and exciting play, and gives you the chance to win significant payouts by defeating our dealer.

Blackjack Pro (Single-Deck Blackjack)

How To Play

The basic aim of Blackjack Pro is to build a hand of cards that is as close in value to 21 as possible but without exceeding it and going bust. As long as your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s is then you have won the round.

In Blackjack the numbered cards are worth their face values, the face cards (King, Queen and Jack) are all worth 10 and the Aces are worth either 1 or 11. This means that you can form 21 with just two cards, an Ace and a ten card, this is called Blackjack and it will beat all other hands.

First, you need to place your bet. Then click on ‘Deal’ to receive your first two face-up cards. At the same time, the dealer will be dealt one face-up card and one facedown. You then have two main options, ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’. Choosing ‘Hit’ will draw another card to the hand and choosing ‘Stand’ leaves the hand as it is. After you have finished playing your hand then the dealer plays his. The dealer will always hit on a soft 17 (a hand is ‘soft’ if it contains an Ace).

However, on occasion you may have some more options. If your hand is worth 10 or 11 after your first two cards are dealt then you have the option to ‘Double’. This will double your bet, you will receive one more card to your hand, and then play moves on to the dealer. If your first two cards have the same value then you can ‘Split’ them into two separate hands and play them individually. You cannot split a split hand, only one card is drawn to split aces, and you cannot Double after splitting.

When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace then you can take out ‘Insurance’ against the dealer having Blackjack. Insurance costs half of your initial bet and if the dealer does have Blackjack then you are paid out at 2:1.

Theoretically you can draw 7 cards without going bust. If you do this then it is called a 7 Card Charlie and you automatically win unless the dealer has Blackjack.


Winning hands are paid at 2:1 except for Blackjack, which is paid out at 3:2.