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Never Lose Again When You Play Cashback Blackjack

Sometimes when playing Blackjack it can quickly become apparent that a hand isn’t going to win. This is of course hugely frustrating as it essentially means that you’ve lost your bet. However, with the new Cashback  Blackjack at Casino Las Vegas you can cash out on hands before they lose.The game is played in the same way as a traditional blackjack game but it offers the choice of a number of side bets and the ability to use the cashback feature.

 You can play up to five hands at once and the aim is to build the best possible hand without exceeding 21 and going bust.When playing you will notice that as long as you haven’t selected ‘Stand’ and the hand hasn’t yet gone Bust you are offered a Cashback amount. You can choose to take that amount and abandon the hand, that way guaranteeing that you won’t lose all of your money.

Best of all, if you take the cashback option your side bets are still active so you could still win from the hand.The game offers the Player’s Pair, Dealer’s Pair and the 21+3 side bets. They are bets on the first two cards forming various types of pair or the first two cards in a hand together with the dealer’s face up card forming a poker hand. These side bets offer payouts of 5:1 right up to 100:1 so they can significantly boost your winnings.Give Cashback Blackjack a try today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the cashback option.