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Amazing Gambling Tales

More than $90 billion a year is spent on gambling in the U.S. alone. When you consider that this statistic encompasses only a single country and only takes legal gambling into consideration, it’s not hard to see how enormous the industry is on a worldwide basis.

 The chance of hitting it big has lured billions of people into casinos, sports bars, and online gaming sites throughout the years, and it has given rise to a number of scarcely-believable stories. Greed, luck, and insane happenstance color these wild stories from the world of gambling.

Two in the Hole Do you ever watch poker on ESPN and wish you could watch those hole-card cameras when playing at a Las Vegas casino? A man took that idea to its extraordinary conclusion at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. Using sophisticated technology, the man hacked into the security cameras and fed footage of poker hands to an accomplice. Said accomplice then provided the cards to him through an earpiece, making it easy for him to walk away with more than 30 million dollars. The Crown Casino is still trying to get the money back to the swindled players. Tap Out The best professional cage fighters can earn millions of dollars in prize money and sponsorships throughout a career, but what do the less successful ones do? If this story out of the New York Daily News is anything to go by, they act as tough guys for high-stakes gambling rings. The FBI accused Kirill Rapoport and Arthur Zen of using mixed martial arts combatants to act as intimidation as they went after players who owed them gambling debts.

Why isn’t this a show on Spike? Beating the Craps Out of Them Every time someone wins a state lottery, they’ve successfully beaten astronomical odds to secure their fortune. It happens every week, but few gambling feats are as stunning as the one Patricia Demauro accomplished in 2009 at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

Demauro shocked onlookers by rolling the dice 154 times at the craps table without rolling a single seven. The New Jersey grandmother declined to tell reporters how much she won, but it’s a safe bet she walked away with at least a few hundred thousand dollars for her four hours of work. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Money, Indeed The man they call “Money” is known for more than just his boxing skills. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is also known as a habitual gambler, and he doesn’t bother with the penny slots.

Over the years, Mayweather has delighted fans by showing off his staggering betting slips on social media. These bets include a wager of $100,000 on the Sweet 16 playoffs and a $41,000 bet on a Chicago Bulls game in 2011. He won both of those bets, though one has to wonder what kinds of losses he’s racked up of similar size.

I Would Not Gamble With a Fox, I Would Not Gamble in a Box Theodor Geisel was already publishing children’s books under the name Dr. Seuss by 1960, but there were apparently still those at his publishing company that thought he had more to offer. Bennett Cerf, the American publisher behind Random House, bet Geisel $50 that he couldn’t write a publishable story using less than 50 words. Geisel took the bet, churning out what is arguably his most enduring work, Green Eggs and Ham. The short tale became one of the bestselling children’s books of all time, presumably earning Dr. Seuss much more than the original $50.

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