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CLV News: New Rulers of Olympus Slot Lands While Progressive Jackpots Keep Growing

Here at Casino Las Vegas we are always working hard to bring our players more games to enjoy and that is why two exciting new slots have gone live over the past few weeks. Both of these slots give you the chance to win progressive jackpots, with one taking you up Mount Olympus and the other transporting you to China.On the subject of progressive jackpots, there are currently some huge ones waiting to be won at Casino Las Vegas, so read on to learn about our latest releases and some of the biggest jackpots on offer.

New Slot! – Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus

You have probably come across the Age of the Gods series of slots before. Each game in the series isbased upon a different aspect of Greek mythology, and each one gives you the chance to win four progressivejackpots. These new slot focuses on the chief Olympians, Zeus and Hera, and it is absolutely packed withfeatures that you are sure to love.Rulers of Olympus is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 25 fixed paylines.

The reels are set in a stonetablet and behind them you can see Hera on the left and Zeus on the right. There are just four high valuesymbols, the gods Aphrodite, Hades, Poseidon and Athena, and the lower value symbols are the playingcards 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.Impressively, the game has three wild symbols, a regular ‘Wild’,a Hera wild and a Zeus wild. All three of the wild symbols will substitute for all of the other symbols,except for the scatter and bonus symbols, to help and form winning combinations.

The scatter symbol featuresthe gates at the top of Olympus and there is a thunderbolt bonus symbol.The Hera and Zeus wild symbolscan trigger a small bonus feature. When the Hera wild lands on the reels, with each subsequent spin itwill shift one reel to the left until it falls off the reels. The Zeus wild behaves in the same way exceptthat it moves to the right with each spin.If the Hera and Zeus wild symbols land on the same row thenthey trigger the Battle for Power Free Games. When the two rulers of Olympus meet on the reels, you willenjoy wild wins. Every time that they clash, it creates additional wild symbols and the feature continuesuntil Zeus is defeated.

If the Olympus Free Games scatter symbol lands on the fifth reel then you winseven Olympus Free Games. These are played on a special set of reels that have 50 paylines and up toten wild symbols will be locked on the reels for the duration of the spins. Best of all, the free spinscan be retriggered indefinitely.

When the bonus symbol lands on the fifth reel the Thunderbolt Bonus begins.Zeus will add up to seven wilds to the reels to help you form as many additional wins as possible.Asmentioned, the slot gives you the chance of winning the four Age of the Gods progressive jackpots. Allyou need to do to be in with a chance of winning is keep the reels spinning as the jackpot game can beginat any time, regardless of what lands on the reels, and once it begins you are sure to win one of thefour jackpots. In the jackpot game, you will see a grid of twenty gold coins and you need to pick themone at a time. Each of the coins represents one of the jackpots and when you have found three matchingsymbols, you win the corresponding jackpot.

From largest to smallest the jackpots on offer are: UltimatePower, Super Power, Extra Power or Power.Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus has a betting range of $0.25up to $625 per spin. In addition to the progressive jackpots, there is a top fixed payout of 1000x forlanding five of any wild symbols along a payline. Aphrodite can also payout up to 1000x, while Poseidoncan payout up to 250x, Hades can payout up to 200x, and Athena can payout up to 150x. A and K can payoutup to 50x, Q and J can payout up to 35x, and 10 and 9 can payout up to 25x.Why not join the rulers atthe top of Mount Olympus today and see if they will award you one of thehuge progressive jackpots.

New Slot! – Coin! Coin! Coin!

If you enjoysimpler slots, games that are not packed full of features that can take time to understand, but wantto play games that still give you the chance to win huge payouts, then you should make sure to look atour new game Coin! Coin! Coin!It is an oriental themed slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines.

The reels are in between two red pillars that have been decorated with ornate golden dragons, and thegame takes place against a red background. All of the game’s symbols relate to the theme and theyinclude gold jewellery, a waving cat, a tortoise, a blue broach, a lantern, Chinese coins, and bells.Thesingle Chinese coin is the wild symbol, it will substitute for all of the other symbols to help and formwins. Better yet, whenever it lands on the reels it will expand to fill the entire reel.The slot doesnot really have any bonus features. There is no free spins round, no picking game, or anything else.However, it does give you the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot.

If you land five wild symbolsalong a payline then you will see them expand to fill the entire reels with coins, and the jackpot isyours.Coin! Coin! Coin! has a betting range of $0.10 up to $110 per spin, so it does not cost very muchto play. In addition to the progressive jackpot, there is a top fixed payout of 800x for landing fiveof the gold jewellery symbols on a payline. The cat can payout up to 250x, the tortoise can payout upto 100x, the blue broach can payout up to 80x, the lantern can payout up to 60x, the coins can payoutup to 30x, and the bells can payout up to 25x. It is also worth noting that the bells will payout ifjust two symbols land on a payline while all the other symbols require at least three to land.This isa truly simple slot, but it can still provide you with hours of fun and should certainly not be dismissed.Try it today to see if you can become the first winner of theCoin! Coin! Coin! jackpot.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Sporting Legends Slot Jackpot Hits $830,000

If you love snooker then you will know exactly who Ronnie O’Sullivan is, but even if you can’tstand the sport, you are sure to have a fantastic time playing this slot that plays tribute to the fivetimes world champion, as it is offering a progressive jackpot worth over $830,000.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Sporting Legends is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 25 fixed paylines. The actiontakes place on a snooker table with crowds of fans looking on from the sides. There are five high valuesymbols, a portrait of Ronnie, Ronnie taking a shot, some chalk, the red balls in a triangle, and thewhite and black balls. The lower value symbols are the playing cards 10, J, Q, K and A adorned with differentcoloured snooker balls.There is a ‘Wild’ symbol that can substitute for all of the othersymbols, except for the scatter and bonus symbols, to help and form more winning combinations. The scattersymbol is the ‘147 Maximum Break’ logo and there is a ‘Championship Bonus’ logo.Tobe in with a chance of winning this huge jackpot all you have to do is keep the reels spinning.

The jackpotgame can begin after any spin, regardless of the symbols that land, and once it begins you are guaranteedto win a jackpot. There are three jackpots up for grabs, the Daily Jackpot, the Weekly Jackpot and thehuge Sporting Legends Jackpot. As the name suggests, the Daily Jackpot must be won each day and the WeeklyJackpot must be won each week. It is impossible to know when the Sporting Legends Jackpot will be hitbut it must be won at some point and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be the winner.When threeor more of the scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels the 147 Maximum Break Free Games begin. Youreceive twelve free spins, the first seven spins come with a 1x multiplier, the next four have a 4x multiplierand then the final spin has a huge 7x multiplier.The Championship Bonus game begins when the ‘ChampionshipBonus’ symbol lands on the first and fifth reels simultaneously. It is a picking game in whichyou need to choose from five snooker balls to reveal cash prizes. There are five levels to work yourway though and on each level there is the chance of uncovering ‘Win All’ to claim all theprizes in that level. The game continues until you find ‘Collect’.Ronnie O’SullivanSporting Legends has a betting range of $0.25 up to $50 per spin so it does not cost much to play forthe jackpot. There is a top payout of 5,000x for landing five wild symbols along a payline. The portraitof Ronnie can payout up to 2,000x, Ronnie taking a shot can payout up to 1,250x, the chalk can payoutup to 750x, and the red balls and the white and black combo can both payout up to 500x.Why not set thereels spinning today and with a bit of luck you will be the next winner of the huge Sporting LegendsJackpot.

Fairest Of Them All Jackpot Climbs Past $700,000

You are bound to know the story of Snow White even if you have not given it any thought since your childhood.However, it is certainly a tale that you should revisit as this bonus packed slot based upon it is offeringa progressive jackpot that is worth over $700,000!Fairest Of Them All is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and20 fixed paylines.

In front of the reels you can see Snow White relaxing on the forest floor with someof her animal friends, while the trees are visible in the background. There are just four high valuesymbols, the evil queen, the prince, the poisoned apple and the glass coffin. The lower value symbolsare the playing cards J through to A.The wild symbol is the game’s logo, it can substitute forall of the other symbols, except for the bonus and scatter symbols, to help and form winning combinations.The bonus symbol is a dwarf and the scatter symbol is the free spins logo.You can hit this huge jackpotin three ways. At any point during the base game Snow White can summon the prince and if she does thenthe jackpot is yours. The Prince can also make an appearance in two other bonus features and if he doesthen the jackpot is yours.The Mine Bonus begins when the Dwarf symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously.You go down a mine and need to choose from the seven dwarfs.

Next you choose where to dig in order tofind cash prizes. The value of the dwarf is then added to the cash that you uncover. Best of all, ifthe Prince appears down the mine then you’ve won the jackpot.The free spins begin when you landthe free spins symbol on reels 2, 3 and 5 simultaneously. You win 5 free spins but during them Snow Whitecan appear in the mirror and pause the countdown. If she appears a second time then the payout multiplierincreases by 1x. The countdown will start again when the queen appears in the mirror. If the Prince appearsin the mirror then the progressive jackpot is yours.There are also a number of random bonuses that SnowWhite can award during the base game. She can summon various animals each of which awards a bonus orsprinkle special dust on the reels:

  • Butterflies add up to five scatters to the reels
  • Owls add up to five wilds to the reels
  • Rabbits will add up to three stacked wilds to the reels
  • Birds will award a multiplier of up to 30x
  • Silver Dust will respin two or three reels to form a guaranteed win
  • Gold Dust will change all instances of a particular symbol into a high value symbol to increase the payout
Fairest of them All has a betting range of $0.20 up to $2,000 per spin so everyone can enjoy thisgame. In addition to the progressive jackpot there is a top payout of 5,000x available from the wildsymbol. The glass coffin can payout up to 1,000x, the Prince up to 500x, the queen up to 200x and theapple up to 100x.Make sure to revisit this childhood favourite today and with a bit of luck Snow Whiteand the Prince will award you the huge progressive jackpot.

Magic Slots Jackpot Exceeds $200,000

If you enjoy simple slots but still want the chance of hitting an enormous win then Magic Slots is thegame for you. It is a true classic slot, with very few features, but it is offering a progressive jackpotthat is worth over $200,000!Magic Slots is a 3 reel slot with just a single payline.

The reels are set on a magician’s stage,complete with red curtains in the background, magic cards to one side of the reels and a bag of goldon the other. A purple scroll emerges from the reels and you can see the paytable on it. The game hasa number of themed symbols, including a magician’s hat and gloves, a ring, and red dice. Thereare also single, double and triple bar symbols.If you want to win the jackpot then make sure that youare betting the maximum of three coins per spin. The jackpot is then won by landing three of the magician’shat and gloves symbols along the payline. When betting one coin this pays out 1,000x and it pays 2,000xwhen betting two coins.

The game also has a small bonus feature that can be very lucrative. When bettingthe maximum number of coins a bonus game begins if you collect three of the magic wand symbols. All youneed to do is choose from the four top hats to reveal a cash prize.Magic Slots has a betting range of$0.25 up to $5 per spin. In addition to the progressive jackpot, it offers some sizeable payouts. Whenbetting the maximum three coins per spin the ring can payout up to 1500x and the dice can payout up to600x. The dice is a particularly valuable symbol as the slot will payout as long as at least one of themlands along the payline.Start playing Magic Slots today and you could be the next winner of the hugejackpot.

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