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Discover Featured Games for All Tastes at Casino Las Vegas

There are hundreds of games on offer at Casino Las Vegas and it can be hard to know where to start. To help you find favourites we pick featured games each week. You can take a look at these games and hopefully find some that you love. Each week we highlight different games so be sure to check back regularly and make sure that you are not missing out. 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Where Humour Meets Jackpots.  

Across the world people are continuing to enjoy Monty Python’s film the Life of Brian close to forty years after it was released. If you are a fan of their unique brand of humour then you are likely to find that the combination of Monty Python and a progressive jackpot slot has resulted in one of the most enjoyable slots around.Life of Brian is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines. Behind the reels you can see a view of ancient Jerusalem while the reels themselves are set in stone arches. All of the game’s high value symbols are characters from the film and include the Jailer, Mr. Cheeky, the Centurion, Pontius, Brian’s Mum and Brian himself.

The game’s logo is the wild symbol and it can substitute for all the other symbols except the two bonus symbols, a temple and a view of the crucifixes.After any losing spin you may see Brian fall through the reels and be caught by a spaceship. One stack of symbols will be turned completely wild and then you will receive respins with more randomly added wilds until you land a win.The main bonus feature is triggered by landing the temple symbol on reels one, three and five simultaneously. You then spin a wheel to determine a cash prize and multiplier and which of the four bonus games you get to play:

  • Stoning Bonus – Choose a character to throw stones at and win prizes depending on your choice. You may win extra prizes if any women are in the audience.
  • People’s Front Of Judea Bonus – Discover what the Romans have done for you by selecting items such as aqueducts and irrigation equipment from a list in exchange for prizes.
  • Romani  EuntIte Domum Bonus – Help Brian as he sprays anti-Roman graffiti on the palace walls and cover as much of the wall as you can before sunrise in exchange for cash prizes.
  • What’s So Funny Bonus – Pick a guard to see how long he can last without laughing as Pontius Pilate talks, the longer he lasts the bigger the prize.
Fans of Monty Python will be familiar with the Foot of God that sometimes appears and squashes characters.The Foot can also appear in the game and give you the chance to pick a holy item and pledge your allegianceto one of the Judean political parties in exchange for cash prizes. The Foot can also award you the hugeprogressive jackpot.Landing the crucifixion bonus symbols on reels three four and five triggers the AlwaysLook On The Bright Side Of Life Free Spins. First you need to pick members of the Judean People’sFront Crack Suicide Squad and they will reward you with free spins. With each losing free spin the payoutmultiplier will increase by 1x and if you can collect three golden crucifixion symbols during the spinsyou can play the Crucifixion Bonus at the end.

Here you just need to pick one of the people being crucifiedto replay the game, win extra spins or a cash prize.In addition to all of these bonus features the slothas a top payout of 1,000x for landing five wilds or five Brian symbols across a payline. Brian’smum can payout up to 500x, Pontius can payout up to 300x, the Centurion can payout up to 200x, Mr Cheekycan payout up to 150x and the Jailer can payout up to 100x.This game is sure to make you laugh and witha bit of luck you’ll hit the jackpot. Give it a try today to discover the fun for yourself.

Premium Blackjack – Perfect For Pros and BeginnersBlackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is simple to learn, fast paced and offersthe chance of huge winnings. The Premium Blackjack game atCasino Las Vegas is a traditional Blackjack game that is perfect for all levels of player as it iseasy to grasp and offers all the features an advanced player could need.In addition to offering five-handBlackjack, the game also incorporates two side bets, the Perfect Pair and the 21+3, and these give youeven more chances to win.As with all Blackjack games the idea is to build a hand of cards that is closerin value to 21 than the dealer’s hand but without exceeding it. The number cards are worth theirface values, face cards are worth ten and Aces are worth 1 or 11, the strongest hand is Blackjack, anAce and a Ten card.To start a round you simply place the chips in the betting position of the hands thatyou wish to play. At this point you can also place the two side bets. Click on ‘Deal’ andyou will receive your first two face-up cards and the dealer will receive a face-up card and a facedowncard.

You then have a number of options for each hand, you can ‘Hit', ‘Stand' or ‘Double'.Choosing ‘Hit’ draws another card to the hand, ‘Stand’ leaves the hand as itis and ‘Double’ will double your bet, you will receive a final card to the hand and the dealerwill then play his hand.In some circumstances there are more options to take advantage of. If the dealer’sface-up card is an Ace then you can take out insurance against him having Blackjack. This costs halfof your bet and if the dealer does have Blackjack you are paid at 2:1. If you first two cards have thesame value you can ‘Split’ the hand and play them as individual hands.

As mentioned, thisgame offers two side bets. The Perfect Pair side bet is on the first two cards in a hand forming oneof three types of pairs. A Perfect Pair is cards that have the same suit and value and it pays at 25:1,a Coloured Pair is cards that have the same value and colour but from different suits and it pays at12:1, the final pair is a Red/Black pair and it is cards that have the same value but different suitsand colours at it pays at 6:1.The 23+1 side bet is on the first two cars in a hand and the dealer’sfirst card forming a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush or Suited Three of a Kind and theypayout at 5:1, 10:1, 30:1, 40:1 and 100:1 respectively.If you want to give Blackjack a go then try yourhand at Premium Blackjack today.

Jackpot Bells – Simple Gaming, Big Returns

If you enjoy traditional slot machines and like the idea of winning a progressive jackpot then take a look at Jackpot Bells slot.It is a 5 reel slot with just 5 paylines. The game is based upon a traditional fruit machine and the symbols include cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelons and lucky red 7s. There is also a Golden Bell wild symbol that will expand when it lands and substitutes for all the other symbols.As a fruit machine style slot, the game doesn’t have a huge number of special features.

However, as mentioned, it offers the chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot. If you land the Golden Bell wild symbol on all five reels simultaneously, the reels will be filled with wilds and the progressive jackpot is yours.In addition to the progressive jackpot the game offers some large fixed payouts. Landing five red 7s on a payline pays out 1,500x, the melons can payout up to 250x, the grapes can payout up to 100x, the plums can payout up to 60x, the oranges can payout up to 50x, the lemons can payout up to 40x and the cherries can payout up to 30x.If you are looking for some simple slots fun with the chance of huge wins then this is likely the game for you.

Many More Featured Games at the CasinoThese are just three of our Featured Games but there are many more available to enjoy at Casino Las Vegas. The Featured Games are updated regularly and more of them will be written about on the blog in the coming weeks. Make sure to check back regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the great titles on offer.

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