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Fruit Mania: Fun, Rewarding Video Slots

Looking for a fun, new video slots game to play? Fruit Mania should be right up your alley. This engaging, fast-paced video slots game is brought to you by Playtech, one of the most highly regarded video game developers in the world. From the start, then, you can rest assured that you're in for a great time. There are lots of video slots games out there, though. What makes Fruit Mania so special? Find out in this Fruit Mania review. 

What's Fruit Mania All About?Like many people, you may assume that all video slots games arebasically the same. After giving Fruit Mania a whirl, you're sure to change your tune. This classic-stylevideo slots game boasts five reels and up to five paylines. Some folks are put off by the five-paylinelimit, but it's easy to get used to and actually brings some surprising benefits to the table.

You'reallowed to choose up to five paylines, but you are only eligible to win the progressive jackpot by usingall five because the fifth payline is where that jackpot appears.

Potential Winnings Although the engaging game play is what will attract you to this game in thefirst place, the potential winnings are what will keep you playing again and again. Because it has aprogressive jackpot option, potential winnings vary. However, the averageprogressive jackpot payout is around $16,000, which is definitely among the best in the online videoslot games world. In the past, players have won jackpots in excess of $200,000, so it's well worth itto play the fifth line every time.

Playing the GameGame play for Fruit Mania can be summed up with a single word: fun! Bright,colorful peaches, cherries, apples and strawberries whirl across the reels. There's no telling how thesejuicy fruits will line up or what kinds of prizes you will win.

Fast-paced and engaging, Fruit Maniais the kind of video slots game that will keep you coming back for more.Before beginning a game, youmust choose how many paylines to activate. You're free to choose fewer than five, of course, but doingso eliminates the possibility of winning the progressive jackpot. If five bright red cherries line upalong the fifth payline, you've won the progressive pot and can expect to bank thousands of dollars.Not too shabby for an online video slots payout!Special Features So far, you're probably thinking Fruit Mania sounds like virtually every othervideo slots game out there.

First, it's much more well-designed than most video slots games. Second --and more importantly -- developers have thrown a few special symbols into the mix to keep things interesting.Thesun symbol is one you'll want to keep your eye on. If three suns line up on the payline, the bonus roundbegins. A special screen appears, and you're prompted to select one fruit symbol on each row. Hiddenbonuses are then unlocked.

No matter what, you will earn a bonus of some kind whenever this round isinitiated.The cocktail glass symbol triggers the scatter feature, which multiplies the current line betup to 500 times. Three cocktail glasses have to appear on the reels for this to occur, but it happensa lot more often than you'd expect.

The Bottom Line on Fruit Mania With its bright colors, fast-paced game play, exciting bonus symbolsand exceptional progressive jackpots,Fruit Mania is one of the best online video slots games out there. It's the closest you can get toenjoying the authentic slots experience from the comfort of home. Whether you win the jackpot or not,you'll have a blast watching those colorful fruits spin and swirl across the reels, so give it a trytoday.

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