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Keno Myths

Keno has been surrounded by legend and superstition for as long as it's been around. Though the name has French origins, most historians believe the game itself came from China. Today, it is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and it has had an indelible impact on various other forms of lottery.Perhaps it's only natural that a game with Eastern origins and no way to win other than pure luck would attract an abundance of myths.

You don't need to carry around a rabbit's foot or chant to the setting sun, though; by clearing up the most common myths, you can enjoy Keno as the simple, satisfying game that it is.


 Gamblers want to believe that they can turn the house advantage around. In some games, this is entirely possible. A good Blackjack player can win a lot more money than a beginner, even without resorting to card counting.

With keno, though, there are no strategies that will help you pick the "right" numbers. Basing your picks on what has already won may feel good, but you haven't improved your odds one iota.


 When it comes to superstitions, keno is plagued by the same whimsical notions as the lottery.

It doesn't matter if you pick your birthday, the lucky numbers in the newspaper, or Hurley's numbers from LOST, the odds remain the same. Players, of course, understand this intellectually while still choosing to use their treasured special numbers.

And that's fine. Just know that the special numbers you choose are no more potent than any other random numbers.

It's a House Game 

Some players avoid keno because they've heard it is a "house game." What this means isn't always clear, but it seems to suggest that keno is somehow less fair than some of the casino's other gaming options.

While keno does have a substantial house advantage, the same can be said for roulette, the big six wheel, and the slot machines. There's nothing sinister at play; if you want a game that is largely governed by luck, your odds of winning will be accordingly slim. The flip side of that is that if you do get lucky, you could walk away with a fortune.

Way Tickets Improve the Odds

 This one is a very prevalent myth, and it's one that even smart gamblers have fallen prey to. Way tickets allow you to bet on more than one set of numbers, but this freedom doesn't correspond to a higher chance of beating the house. True, it gives you more ways to win, but those additional opportunities are easily swallowed by what you give up in exchange.

Stick to straight tickets, and you'll give yourself a slightly higher chance of winning.

All Keno Is the Same 

Not true! While your odds of winning keno at the Bellagio may be roughly equal to your odds of winning at the MGM Grand, there are sometimes minute differences. If you're looking for the best odds possible, you might want to pay attention to even fractional advantages. Online keno often gives players better odds than can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos with high overhead.Gambling myths like the ones above can add a sense of mystery and intrigue to the game, but it's important for serious players to separate fact from fiction.

If you believe that you're following a "winning system" when no such thing exists, you might get in over your head. Go in with your eyes fully open, and you can enjoy this ancient game for what it is.

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