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Monty Python’s Life of Brian Slot Offers £1.5 Million Progressive Jackpot

Fans of Monty Python who are interested in winning a progressive jackpot worth over £1.5 million should take a look at Monty Python’s Life of Brian slots at Casino Las Vegas.

Based upon the popular film, it is a 5 reel slot with 30 fixed paylines. The symbols are theme related and include the Jailer, Mr. Cheeky, the Centurion, Pontius, Brian’s Mum and Brian himself

. The wild symbol is the game’s logo and there are two bonus symbols, a temple andthe crucifixes.If you want to win the jackpot then you will be hoping to see the Foot of God. It canstamp on the reels at any point and give you the chance to pick a holy item and pledge your allegianceto one of the Judean political parties in exchange for a cash prize. At the same time, it may award theprogressive jackpot.

The main bonus game is called The Life of Brian Bonus. When it starts you will firstspin a wheel to pick a cash prize and multiplier before one of four bonus games begin. In the StoningBonus you choose a character to throw stones at in exchange for cash prizes. In the People’s Frontof Judea Bonus you need pick items such as aqueducts and irrigation systems for cash prizes. In the RomaniEuntIte Domum Bonus you spray anti-Roman graffiti for cash. Finally, in the What’s So Funny Bonus you need to guess which guard is going to start laughing first.There is also an Always Look On The Bright Side of Life Free Spins game in which you pick a member of the Judean People’s Front Crack Suicide Squad and they will award you with the free spins.Give this bonus packed game a try today and you could win the £1.5 million jackpot.

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