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Perfect Your Poker Face with Wynn Las Vegas’ Masterclass

If you are looking for a way to improve your poker playing then an upcoming masterclass in  Las Vegas could be a great first step.  The Wynn Las Vegas will be hosting a class entitled “Perfecting Your Poker Face” later this week.

 It is the latest in the casino’s ongoing series of masterclasses that give people the chanceto learn tricks of the trade from all sides of the business.The poker class is aimed at players thatare considering taking the step from playing at home with friends to playing at a casino for money.Thedirector of poker operations at Wynn, Ryan Beauregard, said, ““We’ve all played on our kitchentable. Taking the next step to organized casino poker is a big jump for people.”He explained that allplayers get an adrenaline rush from the cards in their hand or when preparing to make a bet. This canresult in a small change to facial expressions, be it a grimace or a smile, which in turn can give thegame away.The class promises to take plyers through the basics including how to keep a straight pokerface and how to control emotions regardless of what cards you are holding.The class is open to all thosewho are 21 and above but it won’t involve any actual betting. 

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