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Recent Big Winners Across All of the Casino’s Games

Every week produces some huge winners and the last few days have been no exception. From slots to video poker, players have been enjoying some huge wins and there have even been some progressive jackpot wins. Everybody’s Jackpot – Progressive Win Everybody’s Jackpot is a truly unique slot as it gives players the chance to win a progressive jackpot when not even playing. However, the player Sabrije was lucky enough to trigger the game’s jackpot and took home an incredible 75,060.65CHF (around £56,000).

Everybody’sJackpot is a 3 reel slot with 3 rows and 8 fixed paylines. The game is themed on a television gameshow,the reels are set inside the studios and to the right of the reels you can see the gameshow’s hostess.The game’s symbols include the show’s host and hostess as well as bars of gold, piles of cash, agold watch and a necklace.

There is also a large green ‘Wild’ symbol and it can substitute for allthe other symbols except the scatter, which features the game’s logo.As mentioned the manner in whichthis progressive jackpot is paid out is unique amongstonline slots. The jackpot is triggered at random and the player that triggers it (such as Sabrije)wins 70% of the prize fund.

The remaining 30% of the prize fund is split in an interesting way. Halfof it is divided between all qualifying players in equal parts and the other half is divided betweenthe qualifying players in proportion to how much they have bet on the game in the last twenty-four hours.

Players qualify by betting the required amount on the game in the twenty-four hours before the jackpotis triggered. The great thing about this is that if you make sure to play every day then eventually youcan be sure of winning a  share of the jackpot.While this is a classic slot it also offers a free spinsgame.

The free spins are triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Thefree spin game is the only time that the wild symbol can land on the reels, it only lands on the centrereel but with just three reels, it is a huge help in forming combinations. In addition to triggeringthe free spins, the scatter symbol also offers payouts of up to 200x the total bet for a spin.Everybody’sJackpot has a betting range of £0.08 up to £8 per spin so it won’t break the bank to play for thejackpot.

Furthermore, it offers payouts of up to 250x for landing three of the host symbols while thehostess can payout up to 150x.The jackpot has already started growing again and it won’t be too longbefore it pays out again.

Give it a try and you could be the next progressive winner.4-Line Deuces Wild – Huge Wild WinsVideo poker is a long time casino favourite.

It allows players to practice their poker skills andpotentially win a huge amount of money. One player who has recently enjoyed a huge amount of successfrom this game is Sasa who won an incredible $50,875 (around £37,500) from just four hands.

4-Line DeucesWild is a standard video poker game but it makes forming winning hands easier as all the ‘2’ cardsact as wild cards which means that they can substitute for all the other cards to help and complete winninghands.As the game’s name suggests you play four hands at a time and apart from the inclusion of wildcards, it follows the standard video poker rules.At the start of a round you first need to decide whatsize coin to bet with and then how many coins to bet per hand.

Coin sizes range from £0.05 up to £5,you will bet a minimum of four coins per round (one for each hand) and you can bet up to twenty coinsper hand (five on each hand). To make this quicker you can simply click on the ‘Bet Max’ button tobet the maximum amount and deal the cards.If you click on the ‘Paytable’ button you will see a tableof the different types of winning hands and their respective payouts. Of course, the more coins you arebetting the larger the potential payouts. For example, betting just one coin per hand would win you 2xfor a Straight while betting five coins per hand would win you 10x for a straight.

When you have placedyour bet the first line of cards is dealt. You can then choose to hold any of the cards, if you holda card it is replicated across the remaining three hands. Furthermore, if you are dealt a winning handor any ‘2’ cards then they will automatically be held across all four hands.

When you are satisfiedclick on ‘Deal’ once again and the remaining cards will be replaced. You will then be paid out forany winning hands.If you win then you are given the chance to gamble your winnings to try to increasethem. You can choose ‘Double’, ‘Double Half’ or ‘Collect’.

If you choose either of the firsttwo options then you play a mini-game where you are shown a face-up card and need to pick from four facedowncards to find one that is higher in value. Best of all, the process can be repeated numerous times.Thelowest winning hand is Three of a Kind and it is followed by Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind,Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, Wild Royal Flush, Four Deuces and a Natural Royal Flush.When bettingfive coins a hand a Natural Royal Flush will payout a massive 4,000x while Four Deuces will payout 1,000x.Fansof card games are sure to love playing 4-Line Deuces Wild and as Sasa has demonstrated, it really ispossible to win a vast amount of money. Give it a try today and see if you can join Sasa on the winnerslist.

Nian Nian You Yu – An Oriental Treasure

One of the great things about online slots is that they can transport you to another world, immerse youin a different culture and give you the chance to take home some huge winnings. One such game is calledNian Nian You Yu and the player Cornel recently won an incredible 82,775ZAR playing the game.

The slot’stitle roughly translates to ‘Plenty of Fish’ and it features 5 reels and 9 fixed paylines. Behindthe reels is a traditional looking temple with colourful fireworks exploding in the sky above it. NianNian You Yu is unusual in that the paylines work both ways, which means that winning combinations canbe formed from the leftmost reel and from the rightmost reel.

The symbols are all theme related and includesome Chinese characters, flowers, a Chinese lantern, firecrackers, various items of food, a table, somefruit and two ornamental dragons. There is a red koi fish wild symbol and it will substitute for allthe other symbols, including the scatter.

The wild can land on the middle three reels and if it contributesto a win then it awards a 2x payout multiplier. The scatter symbol features the game’s name writtenin Chinese characters and it offers scatter payouts of up to 100x.This isn’t a bonus packed slot, butplayers love it as it is linked to four progressive jackpots. The jackpots are won through the DragonJackpot game and the game can begin at any time. Best of all, once it starts you are guaranteed to winone of the four progressive jackpots.

In the game you will spin a Wheel of Fortune that is populated withdifferent coloured segments. Each colour represents one of the four jackpots on offer and you need tokeep spinning the wheel until it has landed on the same colour three times. You then win the jackpotto which the colour corresponds.

The slot has a huge betting range of £0.09 up to £450 per spin so youcan enjoy it regardless of the size of your budget. Furthermore, as Cornel has demonstrated, you don’tneed to hit the jackpot to win big.

There is a huge top payout of 10,000x up for grabs if you land fiveof the purple dragon symbols along a payline while the white dragon can payout up to 5,000x.Cornel clearlyhad great success playing this slot and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be next.

New Winners Every Week Each week produces a variety of big winners at Casino Las Vegas acrossa wholerange of games. There is no reason why you can’t be the next person to hit the jackpot playingat the casino so why not head over today and see what happens.

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