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Sweet Party Slot’s Progressive Jackpot Climbs Past £536K

Regardless of whether you like sweet or savoury treats, you are sure to want to get in on the action playing Sweet Party slots at Casino Las Vegas as the game is linked to a progressive jackpot worth over £536,000 and it is growing all the time.The game is set inside a sweet vending machine and it features 5 reels. 

Ratherthan forming wins across paylines, the idea is to land groups of five or more matching symbols. The groupscan be formed horizontally or vertically and can consist of up to 16 symbols. The symbols themselvesare all different sweets such as gobstoppers, jellybeans and gummi bears.  Each time that a win landsthen the symbols in the group will disappear, allowing more to fall from above and hopefully forminganother win.

The red and white gobstopper is the key to winning the progressive jackpot. If you have placedthe maximum bet and can land a group of at least eight of them then the jackpot is yours. However, ifyou don’t want to play for the maximum bet you can bet smaller amounts and play for a portion of thejackpot.  You can win 10% of the jackpot betting £1 a spin, 20% betting £2 a spin and 50% betting£5 a spin.The slot has a betting range of £0.1 up to £10 per spin and in addition tothe progressive jackpot it offers a top fixed payout of 5,000x for landing sixteen green gummi bears.Ifyou want to win this huge jackpot start playing Sweet Party today and with a bit of luck the sweets willfall in your favour.

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