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Rapid Growing Progressive Jackpots For All Types of Player

There are all types of online gambler, those that enjoy slots, card and table games, relaxing with arcade games and more. However, there is one unifying factor, everybody wants to win big. Thanks to the huge range of progressive jackpot games at Casino Las Vegas you could hit a  life changing win regardless of what type of player you are. 

Beach Life – Relax And Become a MillionaireIf you dream of relaxing on an exotic beach, cocktail or ice cream in hand, then take a look at the slot Beach Life. Not only does it transport you to a beautiful, tranquil beach, but it is also offering a progressive jackpot worth over £1.3 million and it is growing all the time.

Beach Life is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 20 paylines. Above the reels you can see the sparkling sea and sandy beach. The game’s symbols are all related to the theme and include an ice-lolly, an ice cream cone, a second ice-lolly, a small ice cream cone, an ice cream sandwich, a surfer, a sunbather and a scuba diver.

The wild symbol is the sun wearing a pair of sunglasses and it can substitute for all the other symbols, except the scatter and bonus symbols, to help and form winning combinations. The scatter symbol is a sand castle while the bonus symbol is a treasure chest.If you want to play for this huge jackpot you will need to have all twenty paylines activated. The jackpot is then won if you can land five wild symbols along the twentieth payline.

The payline begins at the top of the first reel, continues along the bottom of the middle three reels, and ends at the top of the fifth reel. If you land five wilds on any other payline it pays out a huge 100,000 coins, but this is nowhere near as much as the progressive jackpot.The slot also offers players the chance to win in a Sunken Chest Bonus Game. The game begins if you land three to five chests along any active payline.

It is a simple picking game where you need to select from a number of chests to win cash prizes. You will receive the same number of picks as there were triggering bonus symbols.The slot has a betting range of £0.50 up to £10 per spin but you will need to play at the upper end of this in order to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot it offers a huge top payout of 100,000x for landing five wilds while four wilds will payout 2,000x. The scuba diver can payout up to 500x, the sunbather up to 400x and the surfer up to 200x. The scatter symbol also offers payouts of up to 500x the total bet for landing five anywhere on the reels.This is a great way to relax on the beach regardless of the weather where you live and with a bit of luck a few spins of the reels will turn you into a millionaire. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – We All DoIf you were a fan of the television show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire then you will love the slot based upon it. It is a feature packed game and it is offering a progressive jackpot worth over £155,000. While this amount doesn’t quite live up to the game’s title, it is still enough to make a significant difference to your life. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 50 paylines.

The game is set inside the television studio with music and sound effects taken from the show. All of the game’s symbols are theme related and include the game’s logo, an ‘Ask The Audience’ graph, a pound symbol, a question mark, the phone a friend, ask the audience and 50:50 life line symbols, a cheque a contestant and the quiz chair.There is also a ‘Wild’ symbol and it can substitute for all the other symbols, except the scatter symbols, to help and form winning combinations. The scatter symbols include a Jackpot Ladder, ‘Free Spins’ and a ‘Prize Pick’.To win the progressive jackpot you need to trigger the Jackpot Ladder game.

his is done by landing three, four or five jackpot ladder scatters on the reels. The number of scatters you trigger the game with determines where you start on the ladder. You play the Millionaire game but when you click on ‘Play’ an answer is selected for you at random. It will reveal ‘Collect’, which ends the round, ‘Mystery’ to pick a random answer, or ‘Advance’ to move up the ladder. You can also make use of the lifelines, 50:50 removes two answers and selects from the remaining answers, phone a friend removes up to three answers and ask the audience results in a vote that determines your answer.

If you reach the top of the ladder then the jackpot is yours.If you land three, four or five of the Free Spin scatters you win 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively. During the free spins there are special shifting wilds on the reels. The wilds will contain a number and will remain on the reels for that number of spins moving position with each spin.If you land three, four or five of the Prize Pick scatters you trigger a mini-game. Simply select from one of the symbols for a cash prize. The more symbols that trigger the game the higher the prize and you can win up to 1,000x.The slot has a betting range of £0.01 up to £100 per spin.

There is a top fixed payout of 5,000x for landing five wilds along the reels while the millionaire logo can payout up to 2,500x.This is a hugely entertaining slot packed with features that will help you win big and with a bit of luck, you’ll leave the hot seat with a huge progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker – Put Your Skills to the TestIf you enjoy poker and like to play hands for big money then the progressive version of Caribbean Stud Poker is the game for you. It is offering a progressive jackpot of over £155,000 and just one hand could see you win the huge sum.The game is very simple, all you have to do is beat the dealer by putting together a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. At the start of each round you need to place an ante bet by placing chips on the table. When you have done this just click on ‘Deal’ and you will be dealt five cards. At the same time the dealer receives one face-up card and four facedown cards.Then simply decide whether to call or fold based upon your cards and the dealer’s face-up card.

If you choose call then a bet equal to double your ante is placed on the table and the dealer will reveal their facedown cards.The dealer will only qualify for the round if their hand contains Ace King or better. If the dealer qualifies the two hands are compared and if you have won you receive your payout. If the dealer fails to qualify then the bets are returned and you win double your original ante.

If you want to play for the progressive jackpot then you need to place a £1 side bet with each hand. You can then win the jackpot if you are dealt a Royal Flush. However, you will win 10% of the jackpot for a Straight Flush, and you will win 500x the side bet for 4 of a Kind, 100x the side bet for a Full House and 50x the side bet for a Flush.If you haven’t placed the progressive jackpot side bet then a Royal flush pays out at 100:1. A Straight Flush pays out at 50:1, Four of a Kind pays out at 20:1, a Full House pays out at 7:1, a Flush Pays out at 5:1, a Straight pays out at 4:1, Three of a Kind pays out at 3:1, Two Pairs pays out at 2:1, One Pair pays out at 1:1 and High Card pays out at 1:1.The game has a betting range of £0.50 up to £30 per hand so you can play for the jackpot for as little as £1.50 per hand.If you think you have the necessary poker skills then give Caribbean Stud Poker a try today and with luck you’ll be dealt a Royal Flush very soon. Many More Progressive JackpotsThese are just a few of the many progressive jackpot games available at Casino Las Vegas and at present there is more than £71 million just waiting to be won. Don’t delay, give the games a try toda.