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€100,000 Bonus Boom

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of August rumbling towards you, loaded to the brim with huge bonuses for any and all players who have their game faces on. And August carries with it a huge gaming boom that is going to be music to players’ ears as it drops big bonus prizes in players’ accounts.

And thosearen't the only sounds being made this August. We're getting ready to make a lot of noise with big bonusesfor players, all players have to do is play every day to win their daily share of €100,000! That’s right, from the 5th – 31st August 2013, you have the chance to make us pay when you play, every day. It’s not evenhard.

All you have to do is simply log in, play and check every day whether you’ve received a bonusboom. Now that’s something to shout about! You also get the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection ofthe most incredible games Every day in August offers players the chance to get up and cheer, clap theirhands, explode with excitement and make a big noise when they check out their bonus boom.

And all that’sasked of them is to log in and play every day and have fun. So to all players, don’t miss out on yourchance to win your share of €100,000 in the bonus boom this August.And remember, any of the extracash won from this promotion will enable you to continue to enjoy your favorite games, from the triedand tested classic, to the new generation of innovative and dynamic games we have in store. There arehundreds to choose from, each ingrained with the same attention to detail, with granular affection downto the last pixel, resounding audio quality in every last decibel to ensure your gaming entertainmentis of the highest quality possible.

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