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Earn Triple Loyalty Points Playing the New Pixel Samurai Slots

Until the end of May Casino Las Vegas is giving you the chance to earn  triplet the loyalty points when you play the brand new exciting slot Pixel Samurai at the casino. Read on to find out just how loyalty points benefit you and all about this exciting new slot. 

Casino Las Vega’s Loyalty VIP Scheme

You earn loyalty points whenever you play at the casino and they have a number of different uses. The first is that they can be converted back into cash! This means, even if you are unlucky enough to hit a long losing streak at the casino, you can still be sure of claiming something in return.The other use for loyalty points is to climb through the ranks of our VIP scheme.

There are six levels to the scheme and at each level you are eligible for bigger and better rewards.The first level is Amber and you automatically become an Amber member when you make your first deposit at Casino Las Vegas. You will enjoy a loyalty points conversion ratio of 100:1, a number of monthly free spins and great gifts in the Amber Action Room.

The second level is Sapphire and you reach this by making 5 deposits at Casino Las Vegas. As a Sapphire member you will receive a loyalty points conversion ratio of 95:1, numerous free spins and special gifts from the Sapphire Saloon.

The third level is Emerald and you gain membership by collecting 2,000 point. At this level you have a conversion ratio of 90:1, you will receive hundreds of free spins and exclusive gifts in the Emerald Rock and Roll Lounge.

The fourth level is Ruby and you become a Ruby member once you gain 6,000 points. As a Ruby member you can enjoy a loyalty point conversion ratio of 85:1, you will have a dedicated Ruby Casino host, who is there to make sure that you are getting the most from the casino and to offer you tailor made rewards and prizes, and you will also get exclusive free prizes and bonuses in the Ruby treasure trove.

The fifth level is Diamond VIP and to reach this level you will have to collect 20,000 points. As a Diamond VIP member you will enjoy a loyalty points conversion ratio of 80:1, priority withdrawals, a dedicated Diamond VIP casino host and cash gifts and free bonuses in the Diamond Gift Lounge.The final level is the Black Diamond VIP level and this is an invitation only club. If you are lucky enough to be invited you will receive a loyalty points conversion ratio of 75:1, priority withdrawals, a dedicated Black Diamond VIP Casino Host and an exclusive Black Diamond package packed with gifts.Obviously it will take some time and effort to accumulate points and climb through the ranks.

But to give you an idea of the gifts you can receive, at the Amber level you will already receive 10 free spins a month and 20 on your birthday. This increases until the at the Diamond level you can enjoy hundreds of free spins and cash bonuses.In fact, you are eligible to receive Level-up Bonuses, Monthly Loyalty Rewards, Surprise Free Spins, Quarterly Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and Birthday Presents. Each of these could be a set of free spins, a free bonus or even a cash gift. As a result, you will never have to wait long to receive your next reward.

Normally you will earn £1 loyalty point for every £10 you bet at the casino. As a result, to reach the Emerald level you will need to bet £20,000. Obviously this is a huge amount of money and it could take a very long time to get there. That is why we run promotions, like the current one, that offer you triple the loyalty points. This means that for every £10 you play on Pixel Samurai slots  you will receive three loyalty points. If you take full advantage of this it means that you just need to bet £6,666 to reach the Emerald level from nothing.This promotion is running until the end of May so there is still plenty of time to enjoy it. After that be sure to keep an eye out for more points promotions as there are often ways for you to earn double or triple points, for instance, over the last few months they have been available from live dealer games.

Pixel Samurai Slot

Pixel Samurai is a brand new slot at Casino Las Vegas. It transports you back to Ancient Japan where you will join a group of fearless warriors. The slot takes you on an action packed adventure where you can win vast amounts of money and even a progressive jackpot.Pixel Samurai is more of an arcade slot and the action takes place on a 5 x 5 grid of symbols. The grid is transparent and in the background you can see a Japanese landscape with traditional looking buildings stretching into a distance. It all takes place under a dark purple sky with clouds slowly drifting across the top of the screen.

There are just six symbols in the game, all of them different samurai warriors. The Red Samurai, the Blue Lady, Subzero, the Yellow Monk, the Purple Sumo and the Green Robin. You win payouts simply by landing groups of at least five matching symbols on the grid. The groups can be formed horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.Every time that a winning group lands on the reels the symbols in it will disappear and allow more to fall from above. This will hopefully form another winning combination and the process will repeat itself. This way it is possible to land numerous wins from just one spin of the reels.The progressive jackpot is won through the Red Samurai symbol. You need to land at least eight of them in a group to win a percentage of the jackpot.

Depending on the amount you bet per spin you will be playing for 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% or 100% of the jackpot. As a result, no matter what your budget is you will be able to play for some of the prize. While this is a very new slot, the jackpot is already rapidly growing and it won’t be long before someone wins a huge amount of money.Pixel Samurai has just seven betting levels, each of which corresponds to one of the jackpot levels detailed above. They are £0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1, £2, £5 and £10 per spin. As a result, everyone should be able to afford to play for some of the jackpot. In addition to the progressive jackpot there is a huge top payout of 5,000x available if you can land eight or more Red Samurai symbols or sixteen Blue Lady symbols in a group.

Landing seven Red Samurais will payout up to 2,000x, while landing fifteen Blue Lady symbols will payout up to 1,000x. Subzero can payout up to 1,000x, the Yellow Monk can payout up to 500x, the Purple Sumo can payout up to 100x and the Green Robin can payout up to 50x.This retro Japanese arcade adventure is sure to provide you with hours of fun. Remember as you explore it you will be earning triple loyalty points, which means that if you are playing at the maximum betting level for the entire progressive jackpot then you will be earning three points per spin. At that rate, you will climb through the VIP levels in no time at all and along the way hopefully enjoy a huge amount of winnings.If you are looking to get even more from your Casino Las Vegas experience with even more rewards then give Pixel Samurai a spin today and start winning straightaway.

Many More New Games 

If Pixel Samurai doesn’t sound like your type of game, then don’t worry as many more new games have gone live at Casino Las Vegas in recent weeks. We have launched a huge range of new slots and while they are not all offering triple loyalty points, they certainly guarantee hours of fun and potentially some massive winnings. From Ancient Egypt to Ancient Rome, from Ireland to Louisiana magic, there is something for everyone in our latest games to go live. There are also a number of new card and table games, so we really do take care of all types of players.Be sure to head over and check out the ‘New’section of the casino. You can try all the new games in Demo Mode first and once you have found a few favourites start playing for real and hopefully winning huge amounts. In addition to standard winnings, many of the new games are linked to progressive jackpots so they really could change your life.

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