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Free Cash Frenzy

We’re treating you to the opportunity of playing to win your share of Free Cash during the Free Cash Frenzy. That’s right, from the 6th – 9th November and 20th – 23rd November, come around and crack our Mad Leaderboard competition where you could win your share of a total of €3,000. There’s no need to go looking any further for gaming enjoyment, because the only way for you to win in this promotion is to play and enjoy yourself.

Ourepic, mad leaderboard competition has fast become the stuff of legend since its introduction. The funfactor of playing to secure your place among the winners and the fact that the winnings are so randomlyassorted means anything goes! And it shows, as the popularity of the Mad Leaderboard continues to growstronger and stronger. Now we give you the chance to enjoy two Mad Leaderboard competitions in one month!All you need to do is come along on the 6th – 9th November and 20th – 23rd November, play any casinogames and have fun. And remember, you don’t need to finish first to win big.

Why? Because the randomassortment of cash winnings to ranking places on the leaderboards makes this one crazy competition witha lot more adrenalin, excitement and chance involved. It’s so unpredictable as to what prizes you mightwin, so it’s pretty much a case of anyone can win anything, even the big cash prizes. But you’vegot to be in it to win it, so come along and enjoy an unforgettable, action-packed time with us.We’realso making sure to keep things fair by leveling the playing field for you with two leaderboards in theinitial competition from the 6th – 9th November, which will include a leaderboard for players, anda separate one for VIPs, so your chances of winning are increased and you get to play for prizes in thefairest way possible.Come on over and win random, crazy, free cash bonuses in this mad leaderboard competition,where, in the end, everyone has an equal chance of grabbing their share.

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