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Funky Fruits Slot Offers $1.4 Million Progressive Jackpot

You could win a progressive jackpot worth over $1.4 million when you get a portion of your five a day playing Funky Fruits  slot at Casino Las Vegas.We all know that it’s healthy to eat fruit but few realize that fruit can also make you rich. Funky Fruit slots at Casino Las Vegas is giving you the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot worth over $1.4 million and it is growing all the time.

The slot is set on a 5x5 grid with a beach in the background where the fruity characters can be seenplaying around and having some drinks. On the reels are symbols such as cherries, lemons, oranges, pineapples,plums and watermelons and payouts are won by landing groups of at least five matching symbols on thegrid.

The groups can be formed both horizontally and vertically but not diagonally.The hugeprogressive jackpot is won by landing a group of eight cherries on the grid. To win the entire jackpotyou need to bet the maximum of $10 per spin but if you want to play for a little less money then youcan still play for a portion of the jackpot.

Betting $1 a spin could win you 10% of the jackpot, £2a spin could win 20% and £5 a spin could win 50%.As mentioned regular payouts are won by landing groupsof five or my fruits. The top payouts are won when groups of 16 are formed. Melons offer payouts of upto 50x, plums can payout up to 100x, pineapples can payout up to 500x, oranges can payout up to 1000xand lemons can payout up to 5000x.To see if the fruit could transform your life start playing Funky Fruitsslot today and you could soon win a fortune.

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