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Lucky Winner Hits €780,600 Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe Progressive Jackpot

We all dream of hitting that one big win that will change our life forever and we are delighted to announce that one of our lucky players at  Casino Las Vegas has done exactly that. He was playing the relatively new slot Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe when he won the incredible progressive jackpot of €780,000! 

Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe launched just a few months ago at Casino Las Vegas and it was an immediatehit with players causing the progressive jackpot to skyrocket. The game transports you back to ancientEgypt where you have the chance to win great treasures and vast amounts of money.It is a 5 reel slotwith 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines. The reels are set in an ancient looking tomb, perhaps inside a pyramid,and there are statues of Egyptian gods flanking the reels on each side. There are four high value symbols,the Egyptian princess, the Sphinx, an ankh and a statue of a cat. The lower value symbols are the playingcards 10, J, Q, K and A.The game’s logo acts as the wild symbol, it can substitute for all of the othersymbols, except the scatter symbol, to help you form winning combinations. Tutankhamun’s famous deathmask is the scatter symbol and it can land on reels one, three and five.To win theprogressive jackpot the player will have reached the Sarcophagus Chamber bonus feature and there area few different ways of doing this. First of all, you have to land the scatter symbol on reels one, threeand five at the same time. You are then given a choice between playing the Tomb of Tutankhamun Bonusor the Curse of the Ancients Free Games.Unsurprisingly, the Tomb of Tutankhamun Bonus takes you intothe tomb where there are treasures waiting to be found. You need to pick from various objects and willreceive cash prizes in return. You can also uncover special keys that will take you deeper into the tombwhere more prizes can be found.

With a bit of luck you will also uncover the keys to the SarcophagusChamber. The bonus features continues until you find ‘Collect’.Choosing the Curse of the AncientsFree Games awards you fifteen free spins. As a bonus during the free spins the vanishing symbols featureis active. After any spin symbols can disappear from the reels to help you form more winning combinations.Furthermore, during the free spins the Sarcophagus Chamber key symbols can land and if they appear onreels three, four and five simultaneously then the Sarcophagus Chamber bonus begins.The Sarcophagus Chamberis similar to the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

You will be presented with three death masks, each of which canaward a cash prize. However, if you are as lucky as our latest winner you may also win the progressivejackpot.The game also has a Hi-Roller Spins feature. You can choose form two modes and in each of thema special scatter symbol featuring a scarab can land on the reels.

If you play with 10x the total betthe scarab can land on the third reel and if you play with 20x the total bet it can land on reels one,two and three. When the scarab lands it can transform into a wild symbol, a multiplier, a cash prize,or a bonus scatter symbol.The slot has a betting range of £0.20 up to £2,000 per spin so it doesn’tcost much to play for the jackpot. The wild symbol and the Egyptian princess offer the top fixed payoutsof 500x, the Sphinx can payout up to 400x, the ankh can payout up to 300x and the cat statue can payoutup to 200x.Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe progressive jsckpot's has already grown to over £63,000 andit is climbing quickly. There is no reason why he should be the only player to enjoy a huge progressivewin and there are plenty more progressive jackpot slots available at Casino Las Vegas. Here is a lookat some of thebiggest jackpotscurrently on offer.Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Win Over £1.7 MillionThe film Monty Python’s Life of Brian was released back in 1979, almost forty years ago; however, itremains a favourite to this day. At Casino Las Vegas not only can you enjoy the film’s best momentsbrought to life on the reels in a bonus packed game, but at the same time you could also win a progressivejackpot that is worth over £1,728,000 and growing all the time.Monty Python’s Life of Brianis a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines. Behind the reelsyou can see ancient Jerusalem while the reels are set inside individual stone arches. All of the highvalue symbols are characters from the film and they include the Jailer, Mr. Cheeky, the Centurion, Pontius,Brian’s Mum and Brian himself. The lower value symbols are the playing cards J, Q. K and A.The game’slogo acts as the wild symbol, it can substitute for all the other symbols, except the bonus symbols,to help and form winning combinations. The game has two bonus symbols, a temple and a set of crucifixes.Ifyou are aiming to land the £1.7 million progressive jackpot then all you can do is keep playing thegame and hope for a bit of luck. At any point the famous Monty Python Foot of God can appear from aboveand stamp on the reels. When this happens it will award you a random cash prize, but for the very luckyit will also award the huge progressive jackpot.Two more in-game bonus features can occur at any time.You may be given the chance to choose from three holy items, a sandal, a gourd and a juniper bush, eachof which awards a cash prize. You can also be asked to swear your allegiance to the People’s Frontof Judea, the Judean People’s Front or the Popular Front of Judea for a cash prize.After any losingspin you may see Brian falling from the top of the screen. He will be swooped up by a spaceship beforehe hits the bottom but as he falls he will turn a reel wild. You then win a free respin and if it doesn’tproduce a win then another wild is added to the reels. This process continues until you land a win.Ifyou can land the temple bonus symbol on reels one, three and five at the same time then the game’smain bonus feature begins. First you need to spin a wheel that will award a cash prize, a multiplierand trigger one of four bonus games.

  • What’s So Funny Bonus– Pick a guard to see how long he can control his laughter as Pontius Pilate talks, the longer he keeps it under control the bigger the prize.
  • People’s Front Of Judea Bonus– Learn all about what the Romans did for you as you pick from items such as aqueducts and medicine in exchange for cash prizes.
  • Stoning Bonus– Pick a character to stone to death and win prizes. If there are women in the audience then you may win extra prizes.
  • Romani  EuntIte Domum Bonus– Give Brian a hand as he spray-paints anti-Roman graffiti all over the palace walls. Cover as much of the wall as you can before sunrise in exchange for cash prizes.
In addition to all of these enjoyable bonus features there is also a free spins game. If you land thecrucifixion bonus symbol on reels three, four and five simultaneously then the Always Look on the BrightSide of Life free spins begin. First you will need to choose from the members of the Judean People’sFront Crack Suicide Squad to reveal how many spins you have won. During the spins if you don’t landa win then the payout multiplier will increase by 1x. Better still, if you can collect three of the goldencrucifixion bonuses then at the end of the round you will be taken to the Crucifixion Bonus game. Hereyou need to pick from the people being crucified to either win extra spins, a cash prize or another pick.MontyPython’s Life of Brian has a betting range of £0.30 up to £3,000 per spin so everyone can have ago at playing for the jackpot. There is a top fixed payout of 1,000x available for landing five wildsor five Brian symbols across a payline. Brian’s mum can payout up to 500x, Pontius can payout up to300x, the Centurion can payout up to 200x, Mr Cheeky can payout up to 150x and the Jailer can payoutup to 100x.Just as Adnan won a progressive jackpot this week, so could you. Give thishugely enjoyable slota spin today and with a bit of luck you’ll be enjoying the Bright Side ofLife with a £1.7 million win.Beach Life – Have an Ice Cream and Win £1.8 MillionThe weather at the moment is definitely getting better and summer is certainly getting closer. If youare looking forward to relaxing on the beach later this year then why not see if you can do so in truestyle.Beach Lifeslots will not only transport you to a beautiful seaside, but it will also give you thechance to win a progressive jackpot that is worth close to £1.9 million and growing fast.Beach Lifeis a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 20 paylines. The slot has a fairly simple design but above thereels you can see the sparkling blue sea and people enjoying their time on the beach. All of the game’ssymbols are related to its theme and they include a scuba diver, a sunbathing woman, a surfer, an icecream sandwich, an ice cream in a cone, a strawberry ice cream, a pink ice cream and an ice-lolly.Thewild symbol is the sun wearing a pair of sunglasses, it will substitute for all of the other symbols,except the scatter and bonus symbols, to help you form more winning combinations. The bonus symbol isa treasure chest and the scatter is a sandcastle.To win the £1.8 million progressive jackpot you willneed to be playing with all twenty paylines active. The jackpot is then yours if you can land five wildsymbols along the twentieth payline. This payline starts at the top of reel one, runs through the bottomof reels two, three and four, and ends at the top of reel five. If you land five wild symbols along anyother payline you will win an impressive 100,000 coins, but while this will be a huge chunk of cash,it won’t be close to the progressive jackpot.If you can land at least three of the bonus treasure chestsymbols along a payline then the Sunken Chest Bonus Game begins. It is a straightforward picking gamein which you need to choose from a collection of chests to receive cash prizes. You will receive thesame number of picks as there were triggering bonus symbols.Beach Life has a betting range of £0.50up to £10 per spin but remember to keep all the paylines active to give yourself a chance of winningthis huge jackpot. As mentioned, in addition to the progressive jackpot there is a top fixed payoutsof 100,000x for landing five wilds while four wilds pays out a generous 2,000x. The scuba diver can payoutup to 500x, the sunbather up to 400x and the surfer up to 200x. The ice-cream sandwich can payout upto 150x, the ice cream cone can payout up to 125x, the strawberry ice cream can payout up to 100x, thepink ice cream can payout up to 75x and the ice-lolly can payout up to 50x. The scatter symbol also offerspayouts of up to 500x the total bet for landing five anywhere on the reels.Give this slot a spin todayand with a bit of luck you will soon have won the £1.8 million progressive jackpot, more than enoughfor the perfect beach holiday.Leprechaun’s Luck – Visit Ireland and Win £1 MillionIreland is known for many things, its beautiful scenery, fantastic beer, and of course, pure good luck.Some believe that this good luck is the result of leprechaun’s who can be found, with their pots ofgold, at the end of a rainbow. Regardless of what you make of this, what is certainly true is that youcan win a progressive jackpot of over £1 million playing Leprechaun’s Luck slot at Casino Las Vegas.Leprechaun’sLuck is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines. Behind the reels you can see green hills anda lake, and you even have the option of changing the colour of the reels. There are a number of themerelated symbols such as a harp, a pint of stout and a toadstool, while the lower value symbols are theplaying cards 10, J, Q, K and A.The wild symbol is the game’s logo, it will substitute for all of theother symbols, except for the scatter and bonus symbols, to help you form more winning combinations.The bonus symbols are a Wishing Well, a Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold.There are two ways of winning theprogressive jackpot, through the Wishing Well Bonus or the Rainbow of Wealth Bonus.If you land the WishingWell symbol on the third reel then the Wishing Well Bonus begins. You can watch as a bucket is lowereddown a well and collect prizes as it goes. If you find gold at the bottom of the well then the jackpotis yours.The Rainbow of Wealth bonus begins when three of the Pot of Gold symbols land anywhere on thereels. In the game you need to travel across a rainbow that is covered in multipliers. You spin a specialdial to determine how many positions you move along the rainbow. As you work your way along it you willcollect multiplier prizes and light up the different colours of the rainbow. The game continues untilthe dial lands on ‘Collect’ or you reach the pot of gold at the end. If you manage to light up allthe colours of the rainbow then the progressive jackpot is yours.If three or more of the leprechaun ‘FreeSpins’ symbols land then the leprechaun will wander on to the screen smoking a pipe. The pipe willbe emitting clouds of smoke in the shape of numbers and this reveals how many spins you have won. Betteryet, before the spins start the leprechaun will jump across the reels and each symbol he lands on becomesa frozen wild for the duration of the spins.Leprechaun’s Luckhas a betting range of £0.20 up to £100 per spin so you don’t have to spenta fortune to play for the jackpot. The slot offers a huge top fixed payout of 10,000x for landing fivewilds along a payline. The harp can payout up to 1,500x, the stout up to 1,000x and the toadstools upto 500x.There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be the winner of this progressive jackpot sogive the reels a spin today and with a bit of luck you will be the world’s next millionaire!

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