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Sweet Party Slot’s Progressive Jackpot Approaches $1 Million

If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a big win then you’ll be pleased to hear that Sweet Party  slot at Casino Las Vegas is offering a progressive jackpot of close to $1 million.It is a 5 reel slot that has an unusual payline structure.

 The reels are set inside a vending machine and the symbols are a range of sweets including jellybeansand gummi bears. The aim is to land groups of five or more symbols to form wins. The groups can be formedhorizontally and vertically but not diagonally. The top payouts are won by landing groups of sixteensymbols.If you are after the progressive jackpot then keep an eye out for the red and white gobstoppers.

The jackpot is won simply by landing eight or more of them in a group. However, in order to win the entirejackpot you will need to be getting the maximum of $10 per spin.If this sounds too much for your budgetthen don’t worry as you can play for a percentage of the jackpot with a smaller stake.

You can win10% of the jackpot betting $1 a spin, 20% betting $2 a spin and 50% betting $5 a spin.Sweet Party hasa betting range of $1 up to $10 per spin and in addition to the progressive jackpot there is a huge fixedtop payout of 5,000x up for grabs if you can land sixteen of the green gummy bears together.Why not treatyourself to a sweet and with a bit of luck you’ll soon be enjoying ahuge progressive win

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