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Welcome to the VIP Club Casino Las Vegas!

If you're ready for some red-carpet indulgence and round-the-clock pampering, then this is the place for you. But be warned: it's not easy being a VIP at Casino Las Vegas's Online Casino: you have to get used to words like "exclusive", "elite", "first class", "superior" - and that's only the beginning!Dedicated to providing our top players with the high level of service they deserve, our VIP Account Management team brings together our most experienced personnel, to guarantee round the clock   support which is second to none. 

As a member you will enjoy a wide range of exclusive bonuses and promotions, not available to our regular clients. We also understand that each and every player is an individual, and so we take a personal approach to your individual needs.Feel free to contact us any time at We'll do our best to assist you with fast and friendly service. EMERALD

Emerald VIP Club

Take your place amongst Casino Las Vegas's most valued players. Don't just dreamabout it, experience and enjoy premium rewards and superior service for yourself!Emerald Club exclusivebenefits include:
  • Comp-points conversion ratio: 85/1
  • Withdrawals within 48 hours only! (instead of 4 days)
  • Increased deposit and table limits
  • Automatic bonuses on each and every deposit!
  • Extra special promotions and more
You have the added privilege of our personal service, and we invite you to ask for us on Live Chat orwrite to us atvip@casinolasvegas.comDIAMOND

Diamond VIP Club

Well - here you are! Even more valued than before. It's no longer a dream, its reality.Congratulations!Diamond Club exclusive benefits include:
  • Get more money for your comp points, with a conversion rate of 80/1
  • Withdrawals within 48 hours only! (instead of 4 days)
  • Bet as much as you want limits simply don't exist!
  • Automatic bonuses on each and every deposit!
  • Get our Super Surprise bonuses and numerous other special offers
Your questions, comments, complaints and especially praises are always welcome at Go on, send us a mail! BLACK DIAMOND

Black Diamond VIP Club

There is nothing more precious than YOU! Aren't you feeling it yet? See whatyou're worth!Black Diamond Club exclusive benefits include:
  • TOP comp point conversion ratio of 75/1
  • Withdrawals within 48 hours only! (instead of 4 days)
  • Game limits never been higher
  • Automatic bonuses on each and every deposit
  • Big Bonuses, Exclusive Offers and plenty more
Write to us at and let us know how it feels to be a Black Diamond Member!

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