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Daring Dave Slot Review

Who isn’t a fan of adventure games? They are packed full of heart stopping suspense, fun filled treasure hunts and ultimately provide hours of entertainment. This is the exact reason Daring Dave deserved to be reviewed. From the first initial glance, you think ‘Indiana Jones’ meets vintage gaming, but this little gem is so much more than a whip cracking treasure hunt.

 Here is everything you need to know about the game, trust me, you won't want to stop playing once you start.

Paylines and Bonuses

Let’s get straight down to the nitty gritty. Along with a great story, we also want to be able to win big, otherwise what are slots games all about. In total there are 20 pay-lines in this game, which is nice, with a minimum bet of £4. To break this down a little more, the card payouts are all calculated by multiplications of 4 of the total bet, a bit complicated I know, but in essence this does mean that jackpots can be quite substantial for a slot game.

Ultimately this makes it slightly more competitive for everyone.As with all slots games, Daring Dave has its own set of cards and symbols available that will help you to get the perfect winning combination: The main and most important cards being, the Eye of Ra and the Daring Dave wild card.

Both of these cards are scatter cards and will pay out from two consecutive appearances. The Daring Dave wild card can also be used as any other card except for scatter cards, making this a useful one to land on.In terms of bonuses, this game is packed full of them with three bonus levels, quests and the obligatory expandable wild feature.

We will start with the latter as it seems to be a current theme in many video slots that have hit the market in the last few years. The expendable wild card feature in this game is very fitting for the Indiana Jones adventure theme and this also gives you the option of winning not once, not twice, but three times. Every time the wild card appears on reel 2, 3 or 4 it can expand one of the reels creating the ultimate winning line. Increasing your chances of winning is what these slots are all about aren’t they?On top of this, there is also one quest and three separate episodes to this game, adding to the movie-like feel you get when playing it.

As the name of the game suggests, each episode surrounds collecting the ‘Eye of Ra’ symbols. If you get them all you have extra chances to win big, through spins and the opportunity to double/triple your bets. Well worth taking the time to try to achieve a greater payout at the end.

The Graphics and Gameplay

This is one of those games you play, that makes you feel like you are reallyliving the adventure. Starting with the opening sequence - a mini movie introducing the quests, charactersand of course the casino element. The graphics are crystal clear, without any cheesy animation, whichis a nice touch.

The movie sequences are not just kept for the opening of the game either, they are at the start of every chapter/bonus round. This adds an extra dimension to the game, but it also keeps you playing for longer as you want to know what happens next. It’s a great way to keep your attention on the story as well as the game.The graphics during the actual gameplay are superb and there were no slow load times, which you get with some slots games. Finally, the music and sounds: The sounds are fairly standard of most slots games, they are fun and fresh, but if you find them annoying you have the option to turn them off - which is an appealing touch.Overall, this is more than just a simple slots game. It is action packed, has a likable story including the characters and offers the chance to win big whilst playing. Highly recommended.

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