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Dragon Kingdom Slot Review

Fantasy worlds with dragons are all the rage these days. If you’re obsessed with  Game of Thronesor love wandering through the mythical lands of  Skyrim, then  Casino Las Vegas has the perfect slots game for you: Dragon Kingdom.Dragon Kingdom has some of the most beautiful visuals and seamless gameplay of any  slots game out there. It’s easy to get carried away into a fantasy land where, as the reels spin, you can picture yourself among seductive sorceresses, fire-breathing dragons, and valiant kings. 

The action is heated: symbols shimmering in flames and dragons unleashing fireballs across the screen. The dramatic music conjures images of battle as you hit the spin button and pray for the right symbols to fall.Dragon Kingdom is usually a five-reel slot game with 20 pay lines but the split feature gives you an additional reel. When the dragon egg lands anywhere on the fifth reel, the egg itself cracks open and out of it flies a baby dragon.

The dragon then aims a ball of flames at the last symbol in any winning combination. This symbol is then split and counts as two. This means, for instance, if you have a line of three tens, the split feature will give you four tens – a line which pays back 25 times your bet, as opposed to only two times for three tens. If there is more than one winning combination available, then all the last symbols will be split. The scatter symbol is represented by a floating city, the eponymous Dragon kingdom, reminiscent of something from the imaginations behind Avatar or Final Fantasy. You’ll be thankful if three of these symbols appear as you’ll be handsomely rewarded with 15 free games.

The free games start with a random initial multiplier between x2 and x5. Winning spins increase the multiplier and non-winning ones send it down a step. In theory, you could be playing free games forever. It’s also worth remembering that the scatter symbol overrides the normal left to right rules for winning paylines and it cannot be split except when it is acting as an extra wild in free games. The last symbol you need to keep an eye out for is that of a green dragon. The dragon can also count as a wild, substituting for all other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol (the floating city) and the split (the dragon egg).

Essentially, if you hit three jacks, the wild will count as an extra jack. The only other part of the game left to consider is the paylines. Dragon kingdom has twenty of them, shown in the screenshot above. The sheer number of lines ups your chances of winning significantly, but the more lines you bet on the more your total bet comes to – a £2 bet across 20 lines will mean you spend £40 each time you spin.

It’s best to start with small bets across many lines, which are likely to be more successful than putting it all on a one line. The most commonly-occurring symbols, like the 10s and Jacks, can offer pretty significant paybacks when you run four or five of them together. All of the lines have winning options for lines of six: for example, 6 dragons will pay back 25,000 times your initial bet. So, if you go for the maximum bet of £20 then you have the potential to win an amazing £500,000.Are you ready? The world of Dragon Kingdom awaits.

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