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Fantastic Four Slot Review

The Avengers, X:Men, Justice League, Watchmen. Let’s face it, superheroes are better in teams. And the same goes for the Fantastic Four. They’ve got the best of all worlds  :Mister Fantastic can stretch his body to incredible lengths; Invisible Woman can become, well, invisible; the Human Torch can turn into a ball of flame and fly; and Thing has stone-like flesh and incredible strength.

It has a gigantic 50 paylines on five reels and more features than these superheroes have put together. But before we take a look at the range of options, let’s have a look at the game's graphics.   

The graphics take their inspiration from the two movies Fantastic Four(2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer(2007) as well as the Marvel comic books. Unsurprisingly, the colour blue features heavily and the symbols have a metallic, other-worldly glow to them. The characters look similar to their film counterparts and come to life when two or more appear on a payline. Invisible Woman, for instance, disappears to reveal a stormy purple sky with lightning strikes. Short cut scenes also give the superheroes more depth.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the paylines pay out from left to right as per usual. This means if you get three of a kind on reels three to five, for example, there is no payout. The highest grossing symbols are the wild symbol (a silver number four) and Mister Fantastic – getting five of these on a line will give you 10,000 and 2,000 times your bet respectively. On the other end of the scale, if you get three of a kind of nines or tens, you get five times your stake back. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol (planet earth) which unleashes the fantastic features.

When it comes to gambling, the maximum bet is £500. In theory, you can stretch this money over50 lines by placing £10 on each, or put it all on one line. Or any combination you like with any amountof money, with the minimum being a £1 bet on one line.

What really makes Fantastic Four slots stand out from the crowd is the incredible bonus games. Threeor more scatter symbols sets off a run of 12 free games which all have the possibility of turning intoa special feature. Each member of the Fantastic Four has their own feature, triggered when their symbolcovers the entire third reel during free games. For instance, Mister Fantastic’s feature gives fourextra spins and his symbol also becomes and expanding wild, substituting for all symbols except wildand scatter. The Thing’s feature gives three extra spins and his symbol becomes a wild that freezesin place when it appears on reels.

There is also a special Marvel Jackpot which all Marvelslots games are linked to. Any spin of any amount can gain you entry to the Jackpot and onceyou’re there, a prize is guaranteed. If you want to be part of the Marvel universe and join the AwesomeFoursome on their adventures, then this is the game for you.                                                 

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