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King Kong Slot Review

King Kong first appeared on screens in 1933 and has been terrorizing cinemagoers ever since. The story of a giant island-dwelling ape that ends up wreaking havoc on New York City has become a cult figure of the American monster/adventure genre.Peter Jackson’s 2005 re-make of the original film reignited Kong’s presence for a modern audience. The King Kong: the 8  thWonder of the  World slots game from Playtech takes its inspiration from this most recent epic, with cut scenes and imagery from the movie propelling the action.

The beautiful vaudeville actress, Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), makes an appearance, along with screenwriterJack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) and filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black). And of course the eponymous apeis never far away.As in the film, the action takes place in both jungle and city settings with 25 paylinesand five reels to win on. The game switches from jungle mode to city mode when a player wins their firstcash and they are transported into the bright lights of 1930s New York City. There is no difference betweenthe paylines in the two modes (see below) but there are differences in the bonus games.

In jungle mode, three or more symbols of the roaring Kong (the wild symbol) will unleash the wildjungle respins feature. This feature gives player three free respins and any wilds are frozen on thereels until the end of the feature. (Wilds substitute for any symbol so up your chances of getting onthe table.) In city mode, three wilds set off the Kong respins feature where players are again awarded3 free respins and different reels become ‘wild’ depending on the spin.

There are two other bonus games in each mode which are triggered by the scatter symbol, KONG in giantgold letters. Three or more scatter symbols in city mode starts the City Tower Bonus, with action movingto the top of a tower, in a nod to the Empire State Building scene. Here the aim is to choose one ofthree planes to take down by picking an arrow. Each plane you take down is worth a cash prize and thereare three rounds. When it’s over, the game reverts to jungle mode.

Three scatters in jungle mode triggers the Skull Island Bonus that takes players to a map of themysterious island. You pick one of the locations and reveal one of three dinosaurs (including the VastosaurusRex) or King Kong. One King Kong wins the biggest prize and matching three of the other creatures givesdiffering rewards. Once the game comes to an end, city mode begins.

This is a glimpse into the world of the king of beasts, a world that is both exhilarating and dangerous.Come join if you dare!

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