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Pink Panther Slot Review

The Pink Panther series began in 1964 when Peter Sellers captivated cinema audiences with his hilarious impersonation of a bumbling French police detective, Inspector Clouseau.Since then, the image of the Pink Panther has become so much a part of popular culture that it’s funny to think the panther itself does not play a part in the film but appears only in the film’s animated opening sequence.In the original movie, the Pink Panther is actually an immensely valuable diamond, targeted by a jewel thief, “The Phantom”. 

The clueless Clouseau is hot on his heels, attempting and failing to thwart the theft, and ending up blamed for the crime in a farcical turn of events.However, the animated Pink Panther from the intro credits eventually got its own cartoon show which aired in various guises from the late 1960s to 1980. 

The Pink Panther slots game reunites all your favourite characters from the animated side of the franchise and in this way manages to recreate the humour and sense of adventure of the cartoons.The colour scheme and feel of the game owe a lot to the original cartoon, from the introductory animation and the pink and blue hues of the buttons and symbols.

However, the silly nature of the Pink Panther universe is belied by the seriousness of the gambling options and the bonuses on offer. In terms of gameplay, the first thing to notice is the inclusion of 40 paylines.

This gives a huge amount of opportunities to win. Next is the inclusion of two random progressive jackpots, which can occur at any point no matter the stake. The Jackpot Adventure game has players choose doors which conceal prizes – if there are five pink panthers behind the doors players win the Major Pink jackpot and three Little Man symbols wins the Minor Pink Jackpot. But what really maintains the fun aspect of the slots action, is the exciting bonus games. For instance, the Pink Trail bonus sees inspector Clouseau searching for the missing diamond over four rounds, while following footsteps that are added up to give prize money.

After each round, a player can collect or choose to continue, with the chance to discover the diamond and double their winnings, and the risk of falling in a trap and halving them. Another bonus game, the Wheel of Pink, is a Wheel of Fortune-style encounter where the outer wheel determines the cash prize and the inner wheel determines whether players get another spin or collect. To see examples of the bonus features in action you can take a look at this revealing YouTube video. With so many layers of gameplay, the Pink Panther slots is sure to keep you coming back to the world of clumsy detectives, mesmerizing diamonds, and wonderful prizes.

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