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Sultan's Gold Slot Review

Sultan’s Gold is a 20-line, five-reel  slots game that brings some exotic Eastern promise to the genre.Though it’s not a direct spin-off of the Disney film Aladdin, the game definitely takes much inspiration from the 1992 animation. The game’s sultan looks distinctly like the sultan and ruler of Agrabah. The palace that graces the wild symbol is very similar indeed to the palace of Agrabah (“the city of mystery, of enchantment”) which was modelled on the Taj Mahal. Even the blue-dressed girl resembles Princess Jasmine.

The ‘Arabian Nights’ feel is emphasised by the Persian-looking swords, the genie lamps, palm trees and the Princess’ seductive belly-dancing. The symbols of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace have a sort of Arabic quality and are coloured gold; the reels themselves seem to be made of magic carpets.

In terms of gameplay, bets range from a miniscule 20 pence to a massive £500. With twenty different pay lines there is a maximum bet of £500 pounds, though you might have to be as rich as the sultan to be able to afford such a high-rolling wager. The biggest single jackpot you can win from placing the maximum bet would come from hitting 5 sultan symbols which multiplies your bet by 5000. That gives a total of £2.5 million! The next most powerful symbol is the princess, with five turning up on a pay line giving returns of 2000 times your bet.

The wealthiest characters pay the highest rewards.

In contrast to many of the more modern, movie-based slots games, Sultan’s Gold eschews the usual wealth of bonus games for simple, fast-paced action. The palace acts not only as a wild but as a scatter too. Not only will it substitute for other symbols on the reels, but it will also give you ten games when three or more appear on the board.

These ten free games also come with a mystery scatter, which can be any symbol except the palace. This random scatter will win no matter where it appears on the board and the amount paid out will depend on which symbol it is. That is to say, if the mystery scatter becomes a jack and there are three other jacks on the pay line you’ll get 25 times your original bet back. Unlike other games, once you get into the free game bonus you can win free games forever.

Going on a winning streak in Sultan’s Gold will feel like you’ve just stumbled across the Genie’s lamp in the Cave of Wonders and you’d be forgiven for breaking into a rendition of a “A Whole New World”!

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