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Beliefs and Superstitions in Las Vegas Casinos

In the gambling world, everything is based around luck. This is the central reason why there are so many different forms of superstitions shown in casinos all over the world. If you look at Las Vegas casinos in particular, then it doesn't take long to find players who have their own beliefs about what it takes to influence their luck. From how players dress to the quirky rituals they have before they play, you'll find it all at the games in the Sin City.

Dress for Success Some of the more tame superstitions center around what a player wears or doesn'twear to the games.

If you pick any characteristic of clothing, then chances are that someone has a beliefbased around that characteristic. Everyone has heard of a player having a lucky shirt, lucky shoes oranother item of clothing that he or she believes brings winning results.

On the other hand, some playersbelieve that not wearing a certain item is the key to winning. For example, it's not uncommon for rouletteplayers to believe that going without socks will help them at the tables.Color MattersColor is central to many of the most common superstitions that you'll find in LasVegas casinos. Wearing a lucky color, refraining from wearing an unlucky one or a combination of bothcan be the approach of choice for plenty of players.

Interestingly enough, there doesn't seem to be muchconsistency when it comes to this: While green might be a lucky color for one player, it could mean thekiss of death for another. This is a good example of how superstition often comes down to choice andpersonal experience.Lucky Number 7... Or 13... Or 9... Or 3 In Las Vegas, it's well-known that the most popular luckynumber is seven, and the most popular unlucky number is 13.

However, this seems fairly arbitrary as differentcultures from around the world have their own sets of lucky and unlucky numbers. For example, 13 is consideredlucky in Italy, but 15 is the lucky number of choice in Spain. Along similar lines, 17 is the main unluckynumber for Italians, and all even numbers are considered unlucky in Russia.

On the other hand, one numbers-basedsuperstition that holds pretty firmly for most players in Las Vegas is that you do not use 50-dollarbills to pay for chips or to settle gambling debts.

It's considered to be a particularly unlucky actwhether you are the person paying the debt or the one receiving the payment. Unlike many gambling beliefs,this one might actually have some practical basis.

With the older style of bills used in US dollars,a 50-dollar bill could very easily be mistaken for a five-dollar bill, and that could very easily bethe source for the preference against those particular bills.

Losing Back Some of Your Money Another major superstition that many players have in Las Vegasis that you shouldn't stop playing immediately after running up a big win. In fact, many players believethat the correct thing to do is play until you lose back a little bit of your take before quitting thegame and cashing out.

It's unclear if this is a practical piece of advice based around not quitting beforeyou've maximized your winnings because it could be a piece of sneaky propaganda created by losing playersat the poker tables. In either case, it's still something that lots of players swear by.

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