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The Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas This Summer

If you are heading to Las Vegas this summer then be sure to take a look at the best comedians performing so that you’ll be laughing regardless of your gambling luck.

A large part of the  Las Vegas experience is going to see the different shows. There are plenty of world class acts with numerous performances to choose from every day of the week. 

Here we take a look at some of the comedy shows currently running or coming soon to the Las Vegas Strip. Aces of ComedyAces of Comedy is a line-up of some of the biggest names in comedy. It is on every weekend at The Mirage  and is a delight for all lovers of stand-up.

The Mirage only invite the most successful comedians to perform as one of their ‘Aces’. You will normally find stand-up comedians who enjoy international success, or who have stared in some of the most popular television shows. They are always household names, and as a result, it is worth booking tickets well in advance of your visit.

You will find big names such as The Tonight Show host Jay Leno, Tosh.0’s Daniel Tosh, Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond, Kevin James from King of Queens, the stand-up Bill Bur, Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation, the comedienne Kathleen Madigan, Ron White the Blue Collar Comedy Tour star, Wayne Brady from Whose Line is it Anyway, television host George Lopez, Lewis Black from The Daily Show, Kathy Griffin, Seth Meyers, Gabriel Inglesias, and many more.

You will also find stars who are less known for their stand-up comedy, but huge names nonetheless, in the past people like Terry Bradshaw and Larry King have featured in the shows and been a massive hit with audiences.If you are a comedy fan then The Mirage is definitely the first place to check when planning your Las Vegas visit. It would not be surprising to find that one of your favourite comedians is performing.

Andrew Dice ClayAndrew Dice Clay will be in Vegas with his show The Filthy Trues from August 17th – 19th at The Tropicana. He was the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden for two consecutive nights and is the only person to be given a lifetime ban from MTV.

Andrew Dice Clay regularly tours across the USA with great success, and he has also been given acting roles in shows such as Entourage and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

This show is autobiographical in nature and tells the story of his career, revealing behind the scenes details of his friendships with other celebrities.If you are easily offended it may be best to stay away from this show. He mixes the classic material that made him famous with new, extremely raunchy jokes dealing with technology and ageing. He is famous for aggressively picking on audience member sitting near the front, so if this worries you be sure to sit further back.He is promising to end the show with some of his infamously rude nursery rhymes and the experience is sure to remind you why he was known as “the undisputed heavyweight comedy king”. The show is not for the faint hearted, but it is sure to be a barrel of laughs.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy ClubBrad Garrett is currently performing nightly at The MGM Grand and the show is a massive success. The venue has a cosy and intimate atmosphere, which is a very much like sitting in a traditional comedy club.Garrett began his career at The Improv in Hollywood and he appeared on Star Search.

However, his big break came when he landed the role of Robert Barone on the show Everybody Loves Raymond. In the old days, Garret used to open for Frank Sinatra in Vegas.Now Garrett invites other young comedians to appear in his show and help them gain a following, names such as Jeff Hartman, Bob Zany and Tim O’Rourke.

Garrett is known for being slightly unpredictable, and on occasion, he has even been known to greet the audience at the door.You can expect jokes about Garrett’s height (he is 6’8), his DNA, and lots of observations about the relationships between men and women. He tends to improvise a lot in his show, so every night is different. He is well known as a comedian that likes to go with the flow and will react to his audience.

Garrett lists his influences as names such as Richard Pryor, Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield. However, he is always looking out for new talent, and this results in a blend of class and modern comedy.If this blend of old and new appeals to you, and you do not want to sit in a massive venue, then this may well be the show for you.

George WallaceGeorge Wallace has returned to Vegas and is performing at the Westgate Resort multiple times a week until the end of this year. He is excellent at finding the humour in all situations, in particular everyday things to which everyone can relate.

Wallace began his career as a writer for the famous “Redd Foxx Show”. Since then he has toured across the world where his easy-going style, and family friendly humour, has earned him a huge amount of fans.Other comedians call him the man who can “roll a room over even when it’s dead” and he has performed everywhere.

He had his own HBO special, he has appeared on a huge number of major shows, such as Oprah and The Tonight Show, and he was one of David Letterman’s favourites.In recent times, he has appeared with his close friend Jerry Seinfeld on the show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, and he also had a role in the 2017 hit film “Just Getting Started” with Morgan Freeman.Wallace has appeared in Vegas numerous times and is always a hit with the audiences. He even once considered running for Mayor of Las Vegas, but now that he has set his political aspirations aside, you can enjoy this show for the next few months and be sure of having plenty to laugh about.

Gordie BrownGordie Brown, the popular Canadian-born entertainer, is running his show at Hooters multiple times a week until the end of September. Those who are looking for laughs and music together will love this entertainer who has his roots in music, theatre, comedy and impressions.He is particularly well known for his impressions and he covers a broad range of celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Elvis, Mike Tyson, Ted Koppel and Oazzy Osbourne. His shows are fast paced and in the course of one it is isn’t unusual to hear up to 60 different impressions. However, Brown considers himself a comedian before an impressionist, so don’t worry there will be plenty to laugh at, and the show is backed up by a live band.You can expect to hear a bit of Green Day, Tom Petty songs with improvised lyrics, all mixed together with Archie Bunker and Christopher Walken impressions.

You will listen to silly songs with political insights, and much more.Brown has received masses of praise for his shows from critics including accolades such as “Best New Performer”, “Entertainer of the Year”, “Best Show” and numerous more.

You will be blown away by Brown’s talent, you’ll love his songs, and you are sure to be laughing throughout. Don’t miss this show if you enjoy an all-round entertaining experienceThe talented mimic will blow your mind with his spot on impressions of some of the most famous people in the world, he’ll amaze you with his ability to perform songs as the biggest names in music and he’ll keep you laughing with his hilarious and high energy presentation in this hugely entertaining show.

Mac King Comedy Magic ShowIf you like a bit of magic alongside family friendly comedy then the Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino is the perfect choice. This is very much a show that you can bring your children to, but it is just as enjoyable for adults.Mac King is one of the most popular magicians in the US and he has won the prestigious “Magician of the Year” award from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

He has been performing to huge audiences for years, and the Mac King Las Vegas show at Harrah’s has now been running for well over a decade.Mac grew up in Kentucky where he would read his grandfather’s magic books, which inspired him to pursue it as a career. He has realised his dream and is one of the most popular Vegas headliners performing magic and comedy.

His style in in stark contrast to a city known for gamblers, drunks and showgirls, but he is loved for his wholesome image.At the start of the show Mac appears on the stage in a suit and greets the audience with a friendly “howdy”, immediately making everyone feel right at home and setting the tone of the show. He then launches into a range of illusions and tricks, all the while delivering enjoyable jokes and making the whole thing look effortless.One of the most famous moments of the show is where the magician catches a gold fish out of thin air; he also performs a range of card tricks, rope tricks and much more. The show is definitely one of the best deals in Vegas in terms of price, so it is a great experience for the entire family. Furthermore, it takes place in the afternoons so it leaves the adults free to experience the Vegas nights. If you are going on a family holiday then the Mac King Comedy Magic is a definite must. Rich Little LiveRich Little will be arriving at The Tropicana with his show in September.

Over the course of his successful and diverse career, he has become known as “the man of a thousand voices” for his eerily accurate and hilarious impressions of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. His upcoming show will be a showcase of his talent combined with plenty of autobiographical details.The show promises to be a trip through his incredible career. He will tell the story of his showbiz life while incorporating impressions of stars such as Jimmy Steward George Burns, Ronald Regan, John Wayne, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra and more. It is a fast-paced show that seamlessly transitions between different aspects of his life.

Rich Little has been famous for his impressions for an astonishing five decades. He first became known in the early 1960s when he began to develop his impressions of close to 200 celebrities. Over the years he has guest hosted The Tonight Show twelve times, he has appeared on shows such as The Muppet Show, Laugh-In and Hollywood Squares, and he starred in his own variety show in the 1970s.

He has also released nine comedy albums and starred in three comedy specials for HBO.Thanks to his impressions of stars, Rich Little is most definitely a star in his own right, and he takes great pleasure in telling his life story in this hilarious show. Terry FatorIf you like ventriloquists then you will not want to miss Terry Fator at The Mirage over the coming months. He astounded people with his amazing and hilarious talent when he won the second season of America’s Got Talent. He is a hugely versatile entertainer who has put together a fantastic show for Las Vegas that the whole family can enjoy.His show encompasses all of Fator’s many talents.

The audience will meet an array of unforgettable puppet characters, including favourites such as Winston The Impersonating Turtle and Emma Taylor. He also has a number of fresh creations designed especially for the show such as Wrex the crash test dummy and Vikki The Cougar.

The characters are brought to life by Fator’s amazing talent, and his interactions are so convincing that you can also believe that they are real performers.Many Vegas shows are filled with edgy adult humour and this is why Fator’s show is such as breath of fresh air. He is hilarious, but never becomes profane or offensive, and unlike the majority of Vegas shows, there isn’t a scantily clad woman in sight.

Thanks to this, it is the perfect option for a night out for the entire family, old and young alike. He is guaranteed to have everyone laughing, regardless of his or her generation, and it is this that has made him such as popular Las Vegas performer.You are sure to have a great time as Fator and his puppets engage in a bit of banter and take the mickey out of celebrities with fantastic impressions of Vegas superstars such as Cher, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, the Pussycat Dolls and many more. The show is backed by a live band, and watching him sing with his puppet friends (without ever moving his lips), is a truly unforgettable experience.After seeing the show, it is obvious why Fator won America’s Got Talent, and you are guaranteed to leave the show having had a thoroughly good time.

Jeff Civillico Comedy in ActionOver the next few months, you have the chance to see Jeff Civillico Comedy in Action at the Paris Hotel. It is an amazingly energetic one-man variety show that is filled with family-friendly comedy, juggling, stunts, audience interaction and much more. The Las Vegas Review Journal has voted the show as “Best Family Attraction” and one of the “Top Ten Things to Do in Las Vegas”, and it promises to be a fantastic experience for all.Civillico is a world champion juggler and he is guaranteed to blow you away as he keeps bowling pins, chainsaws, swords and more in the air, while riding on unicycles, balancing ladders on his face, and so on.

The show is packed with daring stunts that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.While performing these stunts, he keeps the audience laughing with a range of physical jokes and generally contagious humour. His incredible energy draws everyone into the show, and many lucky audience members will even be invited onto the stage as part of the interactive show.

He brings all his skills together thanks to this energy and his charisma, and it becomes obvious why he became such a star when he was supporting big name headliners on some of the biggest stages in Las Vegas. He is currently the youngest headliner in Vegas, and he has even been invited to perform at the White House.The show combines side-splitting comedy, world champion level juggling skills, amazing stunts, audience interaction, explosive energy, and more. If you are looking for a fun night out for all the family then this is certainly a must see. Many More ShowsThe beauty of Las Vegasis that it is always changing and new shows are arriving all of the time.

If you are planning a trip then be sure to check what is on in advance and make sure you book your tickets to these world class performers. 

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