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Best Gambling Destinations Worldwide

If there’s anything more gratifying than winning a huge jackpot from one of Casino Las Vegas’ premium slots, then it can probably only be found in the top gambling destinations in the world. After all, what could improve a vacation like winning some money to take back home? True, it doesn’t always work out like that, but gamblers know that the real thrill is in the danger. If you have a heart for excitement, put these five cities on your bucket list.

 Las Vegas, Nevada, United State sLas Vegas was built to attract high rollers from around theworld, and it has been remarkably successful at doing just that.The Bellagio is one of the city’s finest casinos, combining luxury and opulence in an indulgentstyle that will impress even the most well-travelled visitor. Other top casinos in Vegas includeMandalay Bay and theMGM Grand.

Monte Carlo, MonacoMonaco is known for having more millionaires per capita than any other countryin the world, and you’ll be able to find many of them enjoying the sights and sounds of their impressivelocal casinos. The most prominent one is simply called the Monte Carlo Casino, but its unimaginativename shouldn’t fool you. Inside is a gambling hall worthy of any architectural survey of Europe, andit is also home to the Paris Opera House and the Grand Theater. Other must-see casinos in the area includethe Café de Paris, the Monte Carlo Bay, and the Sun.Macau, ChinaYou probably don’t think of gambling when you think of China, and there’s agood reason for that: it’s outlawed everywhere except for a small city on the southern tip of the mainland.With revenue exceeding $45 billion in 2013, Macau established itself as the highest-grossing gamblingcity in the world. China has loosened their grip on international ownership regulations in recent years,allowing Macau’s gambling and tourism industry to thrive.London, EnglandThere are a thousand reasons to take a trip to London without throwing casinosinto the mix, but if you want to play roulette in between visits to Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds,the city has you covered. One of the most treasured casinos is the Clermont Club. A more elegant andluxurious casino cannot be found in all of Europe. Some of the other premium casinos in the city includeCrockfords, the Playboy, and the Ritz. If those are a bit much for your budget, you might consider TheEmpire, a casino whose gargantuan size and West End prominence conspire to make it the most well-knowngambling house in London.Aruba, CaribbeanPeople think of sun, sand, and surf when they see the word Aruba, but this littleisland in the Caribbean has plenty to offer the adventurous gambler. Its first casino opened at the tailend of the 1950s, and gambling has been a major attraction for the area ever since. With more than adozen gambling houses dotting the beach, Aruba has everything you need to add some elegant gaming toyour island vacation. The Crystal Casino and the Seaport are open around the clock, and smokers who are1frustrated with modern policies will be pleased to light up in most of the High-Rise strip casinos.

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