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Carpets in Las Vegas Casinos

Few Las Vegas casinos are in contention for an interior design award, but they explore a particularly garish corner of American style when it comes to their carpeting. With explosions of almost psychedelic colors painting the vast majority of Vegas flooring, you have to wonder exactly what’s going on out there in the desert. Did the casinos leave their carpeting to a traveling band of hippies, or is there something else under the surface? Some say that the eyesore carpeting in Las Vegas casinos is there for a reason. 

Shamelessly Colorful Some of the most famous casinos in Vegas are also the worst offenders whenit comes to explosive carpeting. The Bellagio can make your eyes bleed under the right circumstanceswith its kaleidoscope carpeting. The gaming floor combines a 60s acid trip with paisley designs to bringout your inner Austin Powers.

Caesar’s Palace incorporates the leaves and laurel wreaths you wouldexpect to see in a casino patterned after ancient Rome, but they spiral out from tight twists that willleave persistent afterimages in your eyes. Only recently did the Luxor change out their fantasticallyvibrant Egyptian-themed carpeting for something a bit more subtle.

Why the Insanity? To understand casino carpeting, it helps to realize that nothing about thedesign of those legendary gaming palaces is there by chance. The early founders of Vegas put a lot ofthought into their themes, and an intervening half-century of study and statistics has only sharpenedthose designs. Even the music played on the floor is chosen carefully for its psychological effect.

Nodoubt, the carpeting is chosen for a reason. But what is that reason?One common theory is that the colorfuland intricate patterns are chosen for their ability to hide stains. Even the most upscale Vegas casinosget their fair share of fights, drunks, and miscreants. If you carpeted the casino floor in bland, lightcolors, it wouldn’t be a year before the entire thing had to be pulled up and replaced due to all theblood and vomit. When the decorations are swirly enough, a bloodstain can assimilate into the patterns.Try it at home!Others believe that the busy carpets go hand in hand with the frenetic music, shoutingcustomers, and boisterous slot machines. Casinos, in other words, have a vested interest in keeping theircustomers uneasy. Sensory overload tends to lower human inhibition.

The more management can throw youoff-balance, the more likely you are to keep gambling long after it’s obvious that you should havestopped. This theory would also explain why similarly-audacious carpeting could always be found in mallarcades.Perhaps the most viciously cynical theory, though, is that casinos use this kind of carpetingbecause they hope you’ll lose your chips in the patterns.

Several casino insiders have noted that thenightly vacuum sweep picks up a metric ton of lost chips each and every day. That’s possibly the mostdevious reasoning behind the carpets, though it’s also strangely plausible. As if casinos don’t haveenough of a house advantage already!It’s Vegas, After All In the end, we may never know for sure why the casinos along the stripchoose to decorate with a blind eye to style.

It may be a combination of the above theories, or it mayjust be that someone decided Las Vegas should be the place good taste comes to die. Whatever the truth,we’ll miss those crazy carpets if they ever disappear for good.

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