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Casino Gaming Onboard a Cruise Ship

When you think of a cruise vacation, you probably delight in images like the rolling ocean waves, the sparkling pools, and the swirling discotheques. But cruise ships offer a little something for the vacationing gambler as well. Unrestricted by the laws of their home countries, cruise lines make their own rules when it comes to casino gaming. 

While this may sound like an invitation to get wild and lay some seriouscoin on the roulette wheel, take a moment and remember these five tips before you leave for your trip.Gambling is Entertainment By understanding how a cruise ship casino views gambling, you can developyour own healthy attitude toward the pastime. Gambling is not a way to get rich.

It happens from timeto time, but if you’re heading to the cruise ship casino to make back your vacation budget, stop andreconsider your plan. Even the best casino odds are terrible from an investment standard. Yes, you couldget lucky. Yes, people have retired on their gambling winnings. But those stories are relatively fewand far between. If you view gambling as a high-risk form of entertainment and use only expendable dollarsto play, you’ll be much less likely to get discouraged.Cruise Ship Gaming is Different

Even if your cruise line has perfectly reconstructed the Harrah’scasino floor, you should expect a different atmosphere on the high seas. T

here are a couple of reasonsfor this. One, the cruise ship casino is more likely to be populated by beginners. Two, your cruise shipcasino doesn’t have to worry about you heading next-door to find a more appealing game. The lack ofexperts and competition can dramatically change the atmosphere of a gaming floor. Whether you prefera cruise casino or a Vegas casino will depend, but you should be aware of the differences.Blackjack Tournaments are for Suckers If you’re strictly adhering to the first tip and viewingthe casino as purely a source of entertainment, you can safely ignore this one. After all, blackjacktournamentscan be a lot of fun.

If you’re a novice to gambling, it might even be one of the best ways to jumpinto the fray. If you have any experience at the blackjack tables, though, you’re probably just goingto get frustrated. Have you ever played Texas Hold’em with someone who’s never played before? Theirlack of knowledge actually defies a better player’s skill. You can’t reliably win against someonewithout any hint of predictability. That same kind of wild play dominates the blackjack tournaments,so at least know what you're in for.High Rollers Play at NightOne great aspect of cruise ships is that the boat becomes a 24-hourparty.

You can go into the casino at 7:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night and find the same games waitingfor you. That said, most cruise ships have higher minimums during the evening hours. If you are tryingto keep your gambling budget to a minimum, play during the daytime hours to save a little bit of money.There’s Always More Money Once you’re in the zone, desperately trying to make up for themoney you’ve lost, you’ll tell yourself anything to open up the purse strings. A lot of people thinkthey’ll be able to easily budget their casino money in a closed environment like a cruise ship, butit simply doesn’t work that way.

Almost every cruise ship on earth has an ATM for players to use. Seta budget ahead of time, and set a strict rule that you won’t exceed that budget. Use gambling as away to enhance your vacation rather than a way to ruin it.

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