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Google Glass Casino Ban

Google Glass may seem like the future, but casinos around the country have already decided that the eyeglass devices will not be welcome on their gaming floors. Regulators in New Jersey passed a directive in June of 2013 to ban the devices from 12 of their most prominent Atlantic City casinos. These bans are already in place at many Las Vegas casinos as well as gaming houses in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Whilethe ban on new technology comes as a slight blow to futurists who envisioned looking up rules, discoveringdefinitions, and generally surfing the Internet in between painstakingly slow hands of Texas Hold’em,few are surprised at the direction taken by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Bans on Internet-connecteddevices have been the norm on most casino gambling floors for as long as they have been around. Mostcasinos also have strict rules against photos and video, both of which Google Glass is more than capableof.

Collusion and Cheating While most Google Glass wearers probably aren’t interested in usingthe technology to beat the casino, owners and regulators are understandably wary about allowing the devicesthrough the door. The possibilities for cheating would be nearly endless, and casino owners can hardlybe expected to stand by and wait for signs of obvious collusion before pulling the plug.

Letting playerswear computerized glasses at the poker table would undermine the casino and have a negative effect oncustomer confidence.Expanding the Gaming Hall Is there room for Google Glass in the future of gambling? Online pokerwas beset by so many tools and HUDs, it changed the way people played the game.

Using statistics andodds calculators became so commonplace, players who chose to use only their minds were at an automaticdisadvantage. It’s easy to see why casino owners don’t want their gambling halls to turn into thistechnological competition, but might there be room for Google Glass at a designated table? One can easilyimagine “Glass-Permitted” tables alongside the regular ones. Innovative casinos could even introducenew variations on their most popular games, using the power of growing technology to open up new avenuesrather than close them off.

We’re probably still far from the day when casinos actually encourage GoogleGlass wearers to join their games, but stranger things have happened.The Difficulties It’s easy for casinos to put a ban on Google Glass in 2014, but what willthe landscape of technology look like five years from now? In April, Google patented technology thatpromises to put many of their Glass features into a contact lens.

Will casinos have to check everyone’seyes before they are allowed at the blackjack table? Because technology is advancing at a faster rateof speed than ever, it is incumbent on regulators to stay on top of the game.Of course, there are placesyou will always be able to gamble wearing any device you want. At online gambling sites likeCasino Las Vegas, you can wear Google Glass, Google contacts, and an old pair of pajamas if you wantto.

As people grow tired of restrictions in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, don’t be surprised if onlinegambling takes off in a major way. Until that day, you can always be a trendsetter by checking out someof our site’s most realistic games today.

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