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Keeping a Responsible Bankroll

Consider the story of Tommy and Gene. These two friends head off for Vegas, each of them with $1,000 in their pockets. They plan to use this money for gambling and entertainment. Tommy runs through his $1,000 the first night, but Gene only gambles away $300 of his money. Both of them had an unlucky run at the casino, so why was Gene able to walk away with so much more? The answer goes to the heart of why keeping a responsible bankroll is so essential for a gambler.

Expendable Money If there was any such thing as a sure thing in gambling, it wouldn't be calledgambling. No matter what your game or how foolproof your system, you should never spend money you can'tafford to lose. Once Tommy has lost his $1,000, will he turn to his debit card to pay for the rest ofthe weekend's entertainment?

Will he chase his losses with money set aside for the rent? These are thekinds of decisions that can turn a fun weekend at the casino into a real gambling problem.Choosing Your LevelIf you decide that you will set aside $1,000 for a month ofonline gambling, you should look for games that cost only a fraction of that total.

Poker bankrollingprovides the perfect system, but you can adapt it for any game. For multi-table poker tournaments, expertsadvise finding games whose buy-ins are only 1/100 of your total bankroll.

Some are more conservativeand some are less, but the name of the game is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Not onlydoes this help you stay financially secure, it should keep you from making fearful decisions during thegame.Refunding the Bankrol The first step toward responsible bankroll management is actually buildingthe bankroll.

That can be done by putting money aside into a "gambling fund." Once you have enough, youcan start logging in to your favorite gambling site or making trips to the casino. However, you shouldalso have a plan for rebuilding the bankroll. If you are down to less than half of your original fund,for instance, you may want to step away from the games and rebuild.Withdrawing From the Fund Because gambling should be for fun, there's nothing wrong with emptyingout your bankroll to go on vacation or to pay bills.

If you're serious, however, about maintaining casinogambling as a source of entertainment, you should do your best to leave your bankroll alone. Don't letthe light bill go unpaid, but don't be so quick to spend your winnings that you find yourself consistentlyfalling short of your bankroll goals.

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