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Steve Wynn Reveals Plans for New Tower on Las Vegas Strip

Steve Wynn is planning a new hotel tower for the Lass Vegas Strip to be built on the golf course between the Wynn and Encore Properties.The development will include a 47-story hotel tower, casino, convention space and more. According to Steve Wynn the golf course will be closed on December 22 and construction of the tower will begin on January 3 2018.The first phase will take place on roughly 450,000 square feet of exhibit space.

 Then at the end of May demolitionwork will begin on the North Villas to make space for the 1,500-room hotel that will include its owncasino and restaurants.The complex is to be themed upon a carnival, “We have decided to take the themeof Carnivale and turn it on its edge and make a series of attractions and interactive experiences thatin some ways have their roots in what all of us grew up with carnivals,” said Wynn, “but are notreally that.

They're far more.”The plan is to include a mile-long boardwalk surrounding an hourglass-shapedlagoon as well as a 30,000 square foot outdoor pavilion and a 103-foot diameter carousel. There willalso be a high-tech bumper car rally and a parade of floats will come out on the lagoon in an audio-visualparade every night. Groups will also be able to ride the floats and take part in the experience.Wynnhas said that the parade will be a “musical and visual extravaganza” and he also spoke about ziplines, fireworks and numerous other attractions for the boardwalk.More details are expected to be releasednext spring together with a final model for the development.

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