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The Top Shows On the Las Vegas Strip

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without taking in one of the many shows on offer. There is a huge range of shows with something for everyone to enjoy. In fact, there is so much going on that it can be hard to know where to start. To help you find your bearings, here is a rundown of some of the best shows currently available in Vegas.

Celine DionCeline Dion has been performing atCaesars Palacesince March 2011. If you want to catch her you will have to hurry as her residencyis set to end in June this year (2018). In the show she performs a number of her greatest hits as wellas songs from other great singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Joel. To make the show even morespectacular, a number of special guests are brought on via hologram. Accompanying Dion are 31 onstagemusicians and some incredible lighting effects. Even if you are not a huge fan of the Canadian singer,the show is so spectacular that everyone is sure to love it.Le Rêve - The DreamIf you are after something a  bit different and magical then checkout La Rêve (French for‘The Dream’) at Wynn Las Vegas. The show has been created by Franco Dragone and transportsyou to a colorful underwater world full of strange and beautiful creatures. The show starts the momentyou enter the theater and it doesn’t’ take long to realize that you are in for somethingspecial. The round theater design means that the experience is highly immersive and there is no clearboundary between the audience and performers. During the show you’ll see an array of gymnasts,synchronized swimmers, aerial performers and more. At times they enter the audience and you never knowwhere the next surprise is coming from. This results in a fast paced and exciting experience that everyoneis sure to enjoy.Carrot TopIf you like to laugh then you will love Carrot Top at Luxor. The comedian makes use of a huge range ofweird and wacky props but his comedy goes far beyond that of standard prop comics. The props he use arean extension of the many personalities he creates on stage. The show incorporates a range of comic styles,from the props that he pulls out of his cases to a traditional stand-up featuring commentary on everythingfrom current events to celebrities to tourists. As he makes fun of everything including sports stars,celebrities, politicians, musicians and more, he will have you laughing nonstop thanks to his humor thatfocuses on the absurd and ridiculous. However, a word of warning, if you only like clean humor, thenyou may find this show to be a little too crude.Mat FrancoAfter rising to fame with his incredible magic tricks on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”,Mat Franco has taken up the headline spot at the LINQ Hotel andCasino in Vegas. He was the first magician to win the popular television show and his tricks continueto delight audiences on a regular basis. The show is 90 minutes of slight-of-hand magic tricks that leavethe audience’s mouths hanging open. His refreshing style of magic combined with his light-heatedhumor is a delight to watch and he regularly refreshes his material so there is always something newbe amazed by. Magic has come a long way from pulling rabbits out of hats and Mat Franco is the perfectperformer for the modern audience.Cirque du SoleilCirque du Soleil is a world famous circus company and they run an incredible eight shows in Las Vegasso if you are a fan, then you have plenty of choice. Each of the shows has its own theme and offers somethingdifferent, but they are all fantastic. There are probably three that are fan favorites, “O”,“Michael Jackson ONE” and “Mystére”. The show “O” takes youinto an underwater world with the performances taking place in a water stage. However, there are plentyof high-flying acrobats and amazing stunts taking place both in and out of the water. Furthermore, thanksto the theater's design, you really feel like you are close to all of the action. If you are a fan ofMichael Jackson then without a doubt “Michael Jackson ONE” is the show for you. It is a highenergy, electrifying show that is packed with tricks based around the singer. Included are many of hisbiggest hits and some spectacular dancing. “Mystére” was the first Cirque du Soleilshow to come to Las Vegas and his been a massive hit with fans ever since. It is a truly creative productionthat will have you laughing one moment and then gazing in wonder the next as the action unfolds. Theother Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas include “KÀ”, “The Beatles LOVE”,“Zumanity, and “Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE!”. If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleilshow then there is no better place than Vegas.AbsintheIf you like the drink then you are sure to love the show “Absinthe” that takes place in theRoman Plaza near the entrance of Caesars Palace. The show is hosted by “The Gazillionaire”,an exuberant, crass and hilarious character who is so oiled you feel as if you probably shouldn’tget too close. The show itself consists of an array of incredible acts that wouldn’t look out ofplace in a Victorian circus. From the old-world burlesque to amazing feats of strength and agility, togetherwith a few highly unusual routines, the show is sure to leave you feeling drunk with wonder. The juxtapositionof the old-fashioned burlesque with the glamour of Vegas is truly something to behold, but be warned,the show is not suitable for children or those with a prudish disposition.Terry FatorIf you enjoy watching impressions of people and want to be amazed then go to watch Terry Fator atthe Mirage. The show is particularly good if you enjoy impressionists as he is a fantastic ventriloquist.He impersonates the likes of Elvis, Cher and Ella Fitzgerald without moving his lips and while controllinghis range of puppets. His dexterity in controlling the puppets is impressive by itself and the way thecharacters are brought to life is something truly special. This is the perfect show if you are on a familyholiday, with something for every generation and taste.Blue Man GroupYou may have heard of the Blue Man Group, the avant-garde, silent show of men dressed all in black. Ifyou have always wanted to see them then go to the Luxor where they perform on a daily basis.  Theshow claims to be an insight into human nature and society and it addresses issues including artificialintelligence, brain function, groupthink, language and more. It forces the audience to address some ofthe big issues facing the world while entertaining them with playful mime and preventing things frombecoming too serious. Furthermore, there is plenty of child-friendly acts and illusions in the show thatwill keep younger members of the audience entertained throughout. If you want to see something a bitdifferent and highly stimulating then this is definitely the show for you.Penn & TellerVegas has a fantastic history of outstanding magic shows and Penn and Teller are arguably one of thegreatest double acts to appear there. They perform at Rio and if you are the kind of person that likesto have tricks explained then it is the show for you. They are famous for revealing secrets, but somehowthey always throw in a twist that leaves you just as confused and amazed. Penn, the tall one, is thenarrator of the show and provides a hilarious commentary on everything they do. The smaller Teller isthe one who provides most of the action, but he remains silent throughout. There is a lot of audienceinteraction in the show so if you have always wanted to be on stage you have a good chance of being selectedfrom the audience to take part in some tricks and help in others.Human NatureWhile the title of this show sounds serious, Human Nature at the Venetian, is a fantastic dance and rhythmexperience that will have you on your feet in no time. The show features the voices of Toby Allen, PhilBurton, Andrew Tierney and Michael Tierney performing some of Motown’s greatest hits. The showwill raise your spirits and leave you with a true sense of excitement. With classic songs such as “BabyI Need Your Loving” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” the show is sure to delighteveryone. The show even released a chart-topping album, “Reach Out” that went platinum fivetimes.

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