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Two Las Vegas Casinos to Reopen Temporarily This Month

Later this month visitors to  Las Vegas will have the opportunity to play at the Las Vegas Club and the Mermaids casino, but just for 16 hours.The state’s Gaming Control board has recommended approval of a plan to preserve the grandfathered gaming license for the buildings containing the two properties, which were purchased in 2015 and 2016 by Derek and Greg Stevens.

The Las Vegas City Council will review the plan on June 21 and final approval is expected from the NevadaGaming Commission on June 22.In order for a site to preserve its license there must be casino play onlocation for at least eight hours every two years.

 As a result, the slot-route operator United Coin Machine will be setting up 16 slot machines atthe Las Vegas Club on June 27 and then move to the Mermaids for eight hours the next day. The casinoshave been closed for a year now and the scheme will not only allow players to revisit old favorites,but ensure that they can be restored as gambling venues in the coming years.

The Stevens have said that they want to take some time to think over the best options for the locationsand so far, they have not given any details on their plans.The Control Board also agreed to send proposedamendments to a regulation on off-track, pari-mutuel sports wagering to the Gaming Commission so thatthey can be considered. Amendments to Regulation 26B makes betting on “other events” in pari-mutuelbetting consistent with other sports bets overseen by Regulations 20 and 22.

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