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Virtual Reality Games Come to Las Vegas

This month virtual reality has arrived in Las Vegas thanks to the  MGM Grand’s Level Up lounge.The casino has teamed up with the Australia-based virtual reality game maker Zero Latency to bring three free-roaming social gaming experiences to the casino and one of the games takes players into an apocalyptical world where they need to roam around and kill enemies.

The Zombie Survival and Singularity games require players to form teams and kill zombies and robots as they roam through various buildings and streets. The third game, Engineerum, requires teams to solve physics puzzles as they travel along a path in space.According to Andre Lawless, a marketing representative at Zero Latency, the games are distinct from other virtual reality games as they are social, competitive and played over a wide-ranging space.

Players see each other as digital avatars and they can talk to each other through microphones in their virtual reality headsets. In the Zombie Survival game players see each other as soldiers while in Engineerum they appear as fantasy creatures. It is also possible to see individual and group scores in real time.The vast majority of virtual reality games are made for single players and limit their movement.

However, at the MGM Grand, the games are around third minutes long and can accommodate up to eight players. They cost $50 per person to play.Zombie Survival has been available to play at a few other locations for a while, the MGM Grand is the seventh location in the US to host the games. In the past the game has been well received with players who have described the experience as unique and a huge amount of fun. 

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