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Most Famous Casinos in the World

Casinos are very evocative. They conjure up images of bright city lights, packed roulette tables, and stacks upon stacks of chips. But when we try to picture a famous casino, the same ones always seem to crop up, and many of them we associate with certain movies, particularly those set in Vegas. Well, we’re here to introduce you to a whole host of famous casinos. Some you know, some you don’t. But you won’t be forgetting any of them in a hurry.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegascaesars palaceCaesars Palace has seen a resurgence in popularity since 2009’sThe Hangover. In the movie, the character of Alan Garner asks the immortal question: “This isn’ttherealCaesar’s Palace, is it?” That, it most certainly isn’t.

The casino and hotel might be RomanEmpire-themed but they only date back as far as 1966 and their dynasty can be traced back to none otherthan a cabana motel owner called Jay Sarno. Sarno originally spent $35 million building the 14-story,680-room hotel which today has 6 towers with just shy of 4,000 rooms.

Casino de Monte Carlomonte carloCompared to the casinos of the Vegas Strip, Monte Carlo is diminutive and elegant. It’s a far cry fromthe super-size, neon-lit American ideal, founded as it was in the 1850s and designed by Charles Garnier,who had previously masterminded the architecture of the Paris Opera House.

The casino is often associatedwith the James Bond movies, particularlyNever Say Never AgainandGoldenEye.

Interestingly, the citizens of Monaco are not allowed to enter the casino’s gaming rooms,an initiative that was started by Princess Caroline.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, ConnecticutfoxwoodsImages of gambling in the States are, rightly or wrongly, fixated on Las Vegas. Of course, there areother high-profile destinations, such as Atlantic City, though it’s doubtful Connecticut will be onmany gamblers’ bucket list.

It might be a surprise then to hear that the Foxwood Casino attracts somethinglike 40,000 visitors per day and is the largest resort casino in America.

Bizarrely, the casino is ownedand operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe of Native Americans.

Native Americans have been raisingrevenues from gambling since the ‘80s, when tribes in Florida and California offered bingo games withlarger prizes than those allowed under state law.

High-profile court cases led to tribes being allowedto operate casinos as long as the games on offer weren’t prohibited by the state. To this day, ‘IndianGaming’, as it is called, is the most viable and stable form of employment for Native American people.

City of Dreams, Macaucity of dreamsMacau, a special administrative region of China, dubbed the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” has beenthe largest global gambling economy since 2007, when it overtook the Las Vegas Strip. Predictions putits gross revenue from gambling at $40 billion for 2013.

The City of Dreams (or CoD) suits this grandeurwith its four towers, 550 gaming tables and over 16,000 m2of high-end retail space. It won the Best Customer Experience in last year’s International GamingAwards.

Crown Casino, Melbournethe crownIf you thought the City of Dreams sounded excessive, then the Crown Casino on Melbourne’s Southbankwill change your mind.

It’s the largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere (spanning an areaof 510,000 m2) and one of the largest in the world.

It has been home to many celebrity guests, including TomCruise, Katie Holmes, and Nicole Kidman.

The hotel is also a favourite with tennis pros who make useof the rooftop courts during the Australian open.

Bellagio, Las VegasIt seems in the world of casinos, all roads lead to Vegas. So here we are again.

The Bellagio has onlybeen around since 1998 but quickly became emblematic of the new “mega-resort” style.

The Fountainsat Bellagio water show that takes place at the front of the hotel is often seen in movies and continuesto be a big tourist draw.

The hotel is suitably opulent with its own botanical gardens and a galleryof fine art.

Of course, if the air fare to Vegas is beyond your budget, you can still enjoy the classyenvironment ofCasino Las Vegas for all your gaming needs.

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