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Anaconda Wild 2

Anaconda Wild 2 takes you to visit beautiful golden Mayan temples. The temples are visible behind the reels, together with a golden river that is gently flowing between the trees. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which include the priestess, a treasure chest, a chalice, a coin, a sword, and a ring. The lower value symbols are the playing card icons spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds.  

Book of Kings 2

Jane Jones and the Book of Kings 2 takes players with the explorer to the Himalayas. Behind the gold-framed reels, you can see the snow falling on the mountains and a number of traditional buildings. The theme extends to the four high value symbols, which include Jane Jones herself, a Buddhist monk, a pendant, and a Golden Winged Great Peng icon. The lower value symbols are the royals 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Amazing Factory

Amazing Factory: Fire Blaze Golden is set in a factory where gold bars and coins are made. The factory, complete with smoking chimneys, is visible behind the reels amongst a purple haze. The high value symbols are thematic and include a cart full of gold bars, a top hat full of gold coins, a pocket watch and a key. The lower value symbols are the royals J, Q, K and A made from gold.  

Glorious Griffin

Theme Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin is based upon the mythical creature that has the body, tail and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The game takes you right into the griffin’s nest, which is visible behind the reels and full of gold coins and sparkling jewels. The theme expands to the high value symbols, which include the griffin, a large purple egg, a treasure chest, a helmet and a shield while the lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Book of Kings

ThemeBook of Kings slot takes you into the Egyptian desert to explore the ancient pyramids in the search of great treasures. The reels are set in a sandy coloured frame while in the background you can see date palms and of course, the pyramids…

Legacy of the Tiger

Legacy of the Tiger slots take players deep into the jungle where great riches await. The reels are set against a view of thick jungle foliage. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which include an orangutan, a snake, a crocodile, and a toucan. The lower value symbols are the royals 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Shadow Queen

Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen is part of the Kingdom’s Rise series of slots, each of which is set in a different part of a fantasy world. This slot takes you into the domain of a powerful sorceress who can use her skills to help you win big. The game takes place on the Shadow Queen’s magic circle while the symbols on the reels include three of her warriors, coloured red, green and blue, a magic book and a bottle of potion. There are also gemstones coloured pink, blue, purple, green and light blue.

Live Deal or no Deal

About Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Live combines elements of the popular television show with the game of bingo. Players purchase a ticket and then watch as the balls are draw. This eliminates possible prizes and once enough have gone, you will have the choice between your own briefcase and the banker’s offer. At the same time, you can enter a bingo side game that offers some enormous winnings.  

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

About Live Adventures from Wonderland Live Adventures from Wonderland is essentially a fortune wheel game, but it is packed with special features. Not only will you meet our lively and friendly hosts, but you will also come across many characters from the novel, such as the caterpillar. Along the way, you can trigger a huge number of bonus features, each of which can lead to massive winnings.  

Live God of Storms

About Age of the Gods: God of Storms Live Our friendly live hosts bring you an enjoyable atmosphere and thrilling spins in this live dealer version of a truly popular slot. Age of the Gods: God of Storms is a feature packed game with wild respins, increasing multipliers, and four progressive jackpots that can be won at any time. You can enjoy chatting with your fellow players and the host as the reels are spun to turn playing slots into a truly social experience like never before.  

Live Quantum Roulette

About Quantum Roulette Live Quantum Roulette takes the standard game of European Roulette and makes it even more exciting. Each time that the ball spins in the wheel, random numbers may be assigned a Quantum Multiplier of up to a massive 500x,…


Theme Stampede slot transports players to the African planes, where just like on safari, there is some amazing wildlife to observe. The reels are set against a view of the planes at sunset, while the theme extends to the game’s high value symbols, a lion, a cheetah, a rhino and a buffalo. The lower value symbols are the royals 9 through to A.  

Crystal Lotus

Theme Crystal Lotus slot is all about precious stones and the stunning flowers that can be made from them. All of the game’s symbols are made out of crystals and they include bars, 7s, yellow and purple flowers, blue flowers, green flowers, pink flowers, and purple buds.  

Fluffy Favourites Fairground

Theme Fluffy Favourites Fairground slot takes players for a fun day out at the fair where they have the chance to play games and win big. The reels are set against a view of a green field with distant fairground rides, big tents, the sea, and a vibrant rainbow. The game’s symbols are all soft toys that can be won at the fair and they include a hippo, a dragon, a monkey, a panda, a lion, a turtle, a giraffe, a rhino, a duck, and a goldfish.  

Beez Kneez

Theme Beez Kneez slot takes you to the bottom of the garden where you will join the bees as they collect nectar from the flowers. The garden is visible behind the reels together with a huge beehive that is hanging off a tree branch. All of the slot’s symbols are linked to the theme and they include a bee, a bee in a honeypot, a blue butterfly, a purple dragonfly, a worm coming out of an apple, a bee asleep on a flower, a toadstool, a beehive, a yellow flower and a purple flower.  

Shaman Spirit

Theme Shaman Spirit slot takes players to the prairie where they can discover the spirit of the beast and the wonder of nature. Behind the reels is a beautiful view of the landscape under a starry night sky while on the reels are thematic high value symbols such as a wolf, an eagle, a bear, a buffalo, and a horse. The lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Fluffy In Space

Theme Fluffy In Space slot is all about a collection of soft toys that become astronauts and go looking for riches in space. The transparent reels are set against a view of outer space, complete with distant stars, while the symbols include a space rocket and astronaut versions of a hippo, a dragon, a monkey, a panda, a lion, a turtle, a giraffe, a rhino, a duck, and a pair of goldfish.  

Temple Of Iris 2

Theme Temple of Iris 2 slot transports you back to Ancient Egypt where you will join the priestess as she worships the gods. The theme is brought to life through the game’s stunning graphics. The reels are set against a beautiful view of the desert complete with the pyramids and people travelling on camels. The high value symbols are also thematic and they include a scarab beetle, the Eye of Horus, a cobra, a cat and an ankh. The lower value symbols are the royals 9 through to A. 

Temple Of Ausar

Theme Temple of Ausar slot takes players back in time to the era of the pharaohs where they will have the chance to appease the gods in exchange for big rewards. The gold-framed reels are set inside the temple, where the walls are decorated with hieroglyphics. The high vale symbols are also thematic and include a scarab beetle, a gold coin, a cobra, an ankh, and a staff. The lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Fluffy Favourites

Theme Fluffy Favourites slot immerses players in a world of cute stuffed animals and general cuddliness. The game is set in a green meadow with a bright sun and colourful rainbow visible in the background. All of the game’s symbols are related to the soft toy theme and they include a hippo, a dragon, a monkey, a panda, a lion, a turtle, a giraffe, a rhino, a duck, and a pair of goldfish.  

Beat The Bobbies

Theme Beat the Bobbies slot tells the story of a thief trying to break into Buckingham Palace and make off with a selection of the queen’s jewels. The palace can be seen behind the reels while flashing police lights decorate the top. All of the game’s symbols are linked to the theme and they include a purple gemstone, a crown, a tiara, a ring, a young woman, a dog, an old man, a policewoman, a soldier, and an old woman. 

Crystal Prince

Theme Crystal Prince slot takes to the far north where the prince has an ice cave full of treasures. The reels are set in the mouth of the cave and you will notice that there is a special row of frozen symbols, and this is an integral part of the slot’s bonus features. All of the game’s symbols relate to the theme and they include the prince himself, gems coloured pink, orange, green, and blue, and snowflakes of the same colours.  

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf slot is based upon the children’s story of the three little pigs. The reels themselves are set in the first pig’s house, made of straw, and behind it you can see some beautiful countryside. Later, in the bonus features, the other two pigs’ houses are brought into play. The theme extends to the high value symbols; there is a farmer pig (straw), painter pig (wood), and builder pig (bricks), as well as a stuffed toy. The lower value symbols are the royals 10 through A. 

Ark of Mystery

Theme Ark of Mystery is an Egyptian themed slot that takes players with the brave explorer into an ancient tomb. The reels are set at the entrance of the tomb and you can see stairs leading up to the entrance behind them. The stairs are covered with gold coins while on either side are imposing pillars lit by burning torches. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which include the explorer, the Eye of Ra, a scarab beetle, and an ankh. The lower value symbols are the royals 10 through A. 

Sakura Fortune

Sakura Fortune slot tells the story of a princess battling an evil emperor and fighting for untold fortunes. The reels are set in a beautiful Japanese garden complete with a pond and cherry blossom. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which include a man, a woman, a warrior, a gold dragon, and a jade lion. The low value symbols are coins coloured gold, silver, bronze, and green. 

Diamond Duke

Diamond Duke slot is based on old-fashioned fruit machines and will look familiar to anyone who used to spin one-arm bandits that were popular back in the 1950s. The game is designed to look like an old machine, and it is illuminated by spotlights on a blue background. All of the symbols are thematic and they include a big blue diamond, a red 7, golden bells, a watermelon, a bunch of grapes, and some cherries.  

Tiger's Glory

Theme  Tiger’s Glory slot takes you back to Ancient Rome for a day at the colosseum where the gladiators are battling a fierce tiger. The reels are set in-between the stone pillars of a temple structure and the colosseum is visible in the background. The game’s high value symbols are thematic and include the tiger and gladiators wearing costumes coloured purple, blue, green, and light blue. The lower value symbols are the royals 9 through to A.  

Loco the Monkey

Loco The Monkey takes you deep into the jungle where great winnings are waiting to be found. The reels are set in a simple frame behind which you can see the jungle foliage and a smoking, overturned jeep. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which include bananas, pineapples, blueberries, limes and mangoes. The lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Prime Zone

Theme Prime Zone is a retro style slot that will remind players of the 1980s thanks to its funky soundtrack. The reels are set against a stunning dusky view of a beachside road and distant city. The symbols on the reels are highly traditional and they include red 7s, blue 7s, diamonds, golden bells, and the playing card icons hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. 

Fairy Gate

Fairy Gate slot transports players deep into some magical woods where the fairies await to help players land big wins. The woods are visible behind the reels and to the right of them is a special tree that will transform in the bonus features. The high value symbols are thematic and consist of four fairies coloured red, pink, green and blue. The lower value symbols are the royals J, Q, K and A.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Theme Wild Chase: Tokyo Go sees players join a gang of career criminals in Tokyo who have pulled off a major heist and are making their escape. The theme is evident throughout the game with the city visible behind the reels and below the reels is a sports car racing along the highway. All of the game’s symbols are thematic and they include four thieves, coloured orange, green, blue, and purple, as well as a bag of diamonds, gold bars, a watch, a ring, and a bottle of champagne on ice.  

Second Strike

Theme Second Strike is a fruit machine style game with the gold framed reels set against a colourful starburst background. The traditional theme extends to the symbols on the reels and they include a blue diamond, a gold star, a red seven, a bell, a watermelon, a bunch of grapes, a plum and cherries.

Mighty Arthur

Might Arthur slot takes players into the story of King Arthur to help him on his quest for great riches. The reels have a medieval feel to them and behind them is a dense green forest with some fog floating past. The high value symbols are thematic and include the characters King Arthur and Guinevere together with a spell book, a helmet, and a golden cup. The lower value symbols are the royals 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Skulls Up!

Skulls Up! takes players on an adventure with five fearsome pirates in search of great treasures. The reels are set on the beach of a desert island with the blue sea visible behind it. The high value symbols are the five members of the pirate crew, No-Beard, Biggie, Smelly, Wrench and Biscuit while the lower value symbols are the royals 10, J, Q, K and A inscribed on coins.  

Dragon Spark

Dragon Spark slot takes players to a fantasy kingdom and straight into the heart of the dragon’s layer where great riches await. The game’s theme is brought to life through symbols including the Dragon Queen, a crown, a ring, a dagger, and a bottle of potion. Also on the reels are gems coloured blue, purple, orange and green.  

Legacy of the Wild II

Legacy of the Wild 2 slot is set in a fantasy medieval world where a great battle is taking place. Behind the reels a beautiful landscape is visible complete with a castle adorned with turrets and flags. The theme extends to the slot’s symbols, which include a swordsman, a knight, an ogre, a female knight, and a magician. The lower value symbols are shields decorated with insignia and coloured yellow, blue, green, red, and light blue.   

Stallion Strike

ThemeStallion Strike slots exposes you to the raw power of nature where the animals can lead to huge winnings. The reels are set against a view of a stormy blue and violet sky complete with lightning bolts while the reels themselves are set in an elegant…

Blazing Bells

ThemeBlazing Bells slot is a fruit machine style game but with a number of very modern features. It has a simple design with a very colourful background and glowing symbols. The symbols themselves are thematic and include golden bells, raspberries, blackberries, oranges and lemons, as well as the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Toltec Treasure

Theme Gold Pile: Toltec Treasure is themed upon the civilisation that ruled a state in modern day Mexico from round 900 to 1168CE. The game’s theme is expressed through the opulent golden reels, which are set in front of two huge totems that are lit by a glowing fire. The theme extends to the high value symbols, which includes a green mask, a gold statue, a gold crown, a gold bird, and gold panpipes. The lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.  

Egyptian Emeralds

ThemeEgyptian Emeralds takes you back to the time of the pharaohs and gives you the chance to win great riches. The reels are set against a backdrop of the glistening desert, complete with the pyramids, under a purple starry sky and the gameplay is…

Rhino Blitz

ThemeRhino Blitz slot transports you to the savannah in Africa to enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing animals. Behind the gold-framed reels, you can see the savanna stretching to distant mountains. The high value symbols are all thematic and include rhinos, lions, monkeys, hyenas, and antelope, while the lower value symbols are the royals 9, 10 J, Q, K and A.

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Las Vegas casinos are famous for providing high rollers with VIP service, but here at Casino Las Vegas we take pride in treating all of our members like VIPs, regardless of how much they bet. We run a six level VIP programme, ensuring that all members will be able to find the appropriate level for them. The first level is Amber and you will automatically reach this level when you make your second deposit at the casino. You will immediately become eligible for 10 free spins each week, 10 monthly free spins, 10 jackpot free spins four times a year, 20 free spins on your birthday, and you will be earning €10 cash for every 1000 loyalty points you collect. After making your fifth deposit at the casino you will climb to the Sapphire level and for doing so, you will receive a €10 free bonus. At this level the rewards are slightly better, for instance there are more free spins available every week. From then on, your VIP level will be determined by how many loyalty points you collect, which is determined by how much you bet. You will reach the Emerald level when you have 5,000 loyalty points, the Ruby level at 10,000 loyalty points, the Diamond level at 50,000 loyalty points, and finally, the players who are most loyal will be invited to become Black Diamond members. If you become a Black Diamond member you will be given a €500 bonus, be eligible for 100s of free spins each month, receive huge cash birthday presents, and much more. Thanks to our VIP scheme, as long as you are playing at Casino Las Vegas you will be receiving VIP rewards. There is no such thing as a wasted bet, every single bet earns you loyalty points, and so you even if you lose the bet, you are still working towards the next level of rewards. The VIP rewards arrive weekly at Casino Las Vegas so read the details of our VIP scheme carefully to make sure that you never miss out on the benefits you are due.

Choose Your Online Casino Bonuses

When you join Casino Las Vegas, you will be given the choice of two different welcome bonuses. The bonuses are suitable for different styles of player and by choosing the right one, you can start life at the casino with a huge boost. If you enjoy all the different types of games on offer and simply want to explore them all then our standard Welcome Bonus is the one to go for. We will give you a deposit bonus together with some free spins. This will ensure that you have plenty of money with which to play and you can explore some of our top slot machines without having to risk any of your own money. If you know that you want to play our top quality live dealer games then we have an alternative Live Casino Welcome Bonus on offer. By opting for it, you can be sure of having more than enough chips with which to explore all of our live dealer games and find your new favourites.

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Don’t worry, after enjoying your welcome bonus at Casino Las Vegas your next bonus is never far away. Each month we offer members huge reload bonuses to ensure that they have enough money to play all of their favourite games over the coming weeks. As part of our VIP scheme, you will also be offered weekly and monthly free spins. We launch new promotions on a regular basis and it is always worth checking the promotions page as you will most likely find something new on offer. Whether you are looking for free spins, a deposit bonus, or special seasonal promotions, you can be sure that that the promos and bonuses never stop at Casino Las Vegas.

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At Casino Las Vegas, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that we cater for all the different types of players. Thanks to this, regardless of what type of online casino games you enjoy, you can be sure to find plenty to enjoy. Our collection includes everything that you would expect to find at a quality casino such as slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Live Casino games, and much more. If you are a slots player then there is no way that you can fail to be impressed by our collection. There are hundreds of classic and video online slots on offer with so many different themes that everyone is sure to find plenty to their taste. There are games based upon nature, history, sports, myths and legends, film and TV, and far more. Of course, many of the games are packed with exciting bonus features and there is a wide selection linked to ever-growing progressive jackpots.

Those who prefer card and table games will also find more than enough to keep them busy for hours on end. Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and we have a huge collection of Blackjack games on offer that includes many exciting variants giving you more opportunities to win. The same is true of our Roulette games, in addition to European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette; there are a number of more unusual variants, each of which is hugely enjoyable. In addition to these casino classics, you can also play Baccarat, Craps, and many different forms of Casino Poker. If you are a real card and table game enthusiast and you are seeking the Las Vegas atmosphere then you are sure to find everything you need in our Live Dealer casino. There is a wide selection of games that includes all of the standard card and table games as well as a number of gameshow style games, and more. The live dealers are all extremely friendly and highly professional. They are streamed to you in high definition straight from the casino floor together with live audio, and as you play you can chat with your fellow players and the dealers. The tables always have an enjoyable atmosphere and we are confident that you will have a fantastic time from the moment you take your seat at one of them. You will find much more to enjoy as you explore the collection of games available at Casino Las Vegas. For example, those who enjoy video poker will find many different variants including all of the standards such as Jacks or Better. There are also numerous arcade games and scratch cards, which can provide you with hours of fun (and winnings) when you are looking to relax. The collection of games is always growing and we have complete confidence that no matter what type of player you are, you will find a huge amount that appeals here at Casino Las Vegas.

New Casino Games Every Month

We are proud of the fact that we bring our members what we believe to be the best casino games available. If you are an avid slots player then you will be thrilled by the new slots that we launch on a very regular basis. The games have exciting themes that are brought to life with graphics, sound effects, and bonus features. And of course, there is always the chance of big winnings. Similarly, if you prefer card and table games then you will find that new variants of classics come out on a regular basis. Be sure to regularly take a look at the ‘New’ and ‘Featured Games’ categories as there you will find our latest games.

Games from A Leading Software Provider

At Casino Las Vegas, we want to give our members only the best of the best and that is why we offer games from Playtech. They are one of the industry leaders and have been at the forefront of the online casino world for over two decades. During this time, Playtech has won numerous awards in recognition of its work and the company never disappoints with any of its releases. We utilise Playtech’s software so that we can be sure of only offering our players the quality they deserve.

Deposit and Withdraw in Canadian Dollars

Depositing funds and withdrawing winnings is a fundamental part of playing at an online casino and that is why we have worked hard to ensure that no matter where you are, you will find a casino payment method that is convenient for you. We offer a wide range of banking options, all of which are fast, secure, and very easy to use. You will find deposit and withdrawal methods such as Via, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and WebMoney on offer. There are also many localised options, so be sure to look at the full list in order to find the one that is best for you.

Banking Security to Protect Your Money

At Casino Las Vegas we utilise advanced technologies to make sure that your money is safe at all times. All of the payment methods we offer are highly reputable and reliable, ensuring that your money cannot be stolen. Furthermore, we encrypt all information sent between us and our players, to make sure that it is safe from prying eyes. This means that you are able to enjoy playing at the casino without having to worry about your privacy and money.

Non-Stop Customer Service

If you run into any difficulties while playing at Casino Las Vegas then we are always more than happy to help. Our customer service team is available at any time and they are more than happy to assist with all of your questions. You can reach us via Live Chat seven days a week and receive an instant response. Alternatively, you can email us or speak to us on the telephone (we even have a local Canadian number). We are always happy to hear from our members and will do everything we possibly can to help you with any problems that you may be experiencing.

Stay Up to Date with Our Las Vegas Blog

Our Las Vegas blog means that you can stay up to date with all the news from Casino La Vegas and the city itself. We regularly publish articles with information about the latest games to come to the casino and our latest promotions. You can also read about all the exciting events coming up in Las Vegas so that you can plan your next visit. New blog posts are published very regularly, so keep an eye on the blog to make sure that you are not missing out.

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We bring you hundreds of online slots that are sure to provide hours of excitement. There are video and classic slots with a great variety of themes to ensure everyone will find something to enjoy. Furthermore, those looking for the biggest wins can play for progressive jackpots and have the chance of becoming an instant millionaire. Set the reels spinning today!
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If you dream of putting your skills to the test in a world-class casino then you have come to the right place. You can take on our dealers playing games such as Baccarat and Blackjack and see if you have what it takes to win big. There are many different variants available, each of which offers an enjoyable experience in its own way. Take your seat to start winning today.
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The Roulette wheels never stop spinning here at Casino Las Vegas. You can take a seat at European, French and American Roulette tables, as well as a number of more unusual variants that give you the chance to win massive payouts. You can play for progressive jackpots, place special bonus bets, and more, all of which means more fun and the chance of even bigger winnings.
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Don’t worry if you can’t get to Las Vegas, you can bring it to you by taking on our Live Dealers. Take your place at a table playing games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. The action is brought to you in high definition complete with audio, resulting in the most immersive experience possible from home. There are also a number of gameshow style games, so you can enjoy the live dealer atmosphere even if you are not a card or table game player. Best of all, we have a special Live Dealer Welcome Bonus that will ensure you have plenty of chips to tackle our dealers with.
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At Casino Las Vegas, all of our members can enjoy the VIP treatment. You become a VIP member as soon as you make your second deposit at the casino and can then start climbing through the six levels of the scheme. As a VIP member, you will enjoy weekly and monthly free spins, birthday gifts, exclusive bonuses, and far more. Join today to experience the VIP lifestyle.
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Every bet you place at Casino Las Vegas earns you loyalty points, even if you do not win the bet. Not only will these points help you advance to higher levels of our VIP scheme, but you will also be able to turn them back into cash. The higher your VIP level the better the conversion rate you receive, but whatever your level, you can be sure that every bet counts.
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All new members of Casino Las Vegas are entitled to a huge Welcome Bonus. You can immediately double your money with a 100% bonus of up to €500, meaning that you will have plenty of cash to play with. At the same time, you will also receive 50 free spins to start enjoying some of our most popular slots. Create your account today to receive your bonus and start playing.
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