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3 Card Brag live

3 Card Brag live

About Live 3 Card Brag

Incorporating elements of poker, 3 Card Brag is a popular British card game that can trace its roots right back to the 16th century. You play against the dealer with the aim of putting together a better three-card hand than them. The game is made even more enjoyable by a special side bet that can massively increase your winnings. Furthermore, thanks to our high-definition streams that provide crystal-clear quality you can truly immerse yourself in the action.

3 Card Brag live

The Basics of Live 3 Card Brag

At the start of a round you need to place your Ante bet, and if you so wish you can also place the ‘Pair Plus’ bonus bet. Once you are happy with your bets, you just need to confirm them before moving on to the next stage.

Once all bets have been confirmed you will be dealt three face-up cards and the dealer will receive three facedown cards. After assessing your cards you have two options, Play or Fold. If you choose Play then an additional bet is placed. It is called the Play bet and is equal to your Ante bet. If you choose Fold then the round ends and you lose your Ante bet.

If you have chosen to Play then the dealer’s cards are turned over. The dealer only qualifies for the round if they are holding at least one Queen. If they do not qualify then you win the Ante bet and the Play bet is returned as a push. If the dealer has qualified then the hands are compared and you will be paid out depending on the strength of your hand.

Hand Types

The best kind of hand in 3 Card Brag is called a Prial and it is simply three of a kind. The strongest Prial is 3-3-3 and it is followed by A-A-A, K-K-K, Q-Q-Q, and so on.

After a Prial comes a Running Flush. This is a set of consecutive cards from the same suit, for example the 5-6-7 of Clubs. In this type of hand, an Ace can be either the highest or lowest card, for example, Q-K-A and A-2-3. The strongest Running Flush is A-2-3 and it is followed by A-K-Q, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, and so on. If you and the dealer have identical Running Flushes then your bet is returned as a push.

The next strongest hand is a Run, a sequence of consecutive cards but from different suits. It is followed by a Flush, three cards from the same suit. If you and the dealer have the same Flush then the person with the highest value card wins. A Flush is followed by a Pair, two cards of the same value, and finally the weakest hand is a High Card.

If you and the dealer have identical hands then both the Ante and Play bets are returned as pushes.

3 Card Brag Payouts and Side Bets

If you beat the dealer then the Ante and Play bets both pay at 1:1 unless you have qualified for the Ante Bonus Payout. You automatically qualify for the Ante Bonus just by placing the Ante bet and it pays out if your hand is a Prial, a Running Flush or a Run, even if you don’t win the round. A Prial pays out at 5:1, a Running Flush pays out at 4:1 and a Run pays out at 1:1.

The game also offers a side bet called the Pair Bonus bet. This pays out if your hand contains at least a Pair. A Prial will payout 40:1, a Running Flush pays out 30:1, a Run pays out 6:1, a Flush pays out 4:1 and a Pair pays out 1:1.