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Live Summer Roulette

Live Summer Roulette

About Live Summer Roulette

If you want to enjoy a sunny day on the beach regardless of time of year and you also love playing Live Roulette, then this is the perfect game for you. Live Summer Roulette brings everything the serious Roulette player could need but in the setting of a beautiful sandy beach. You will find a racetrack betting area, betting shortcuts, statistics, and more, together with a professional croupier waiting to welcome you to the table.

Live Summer Roulette

Live Summer Roulette Rules 

The Basics 

The game follows the standard rules of European Roulette. It is focused on the spinning Roulette wheel that has been divided into 37 numbered segments, 0 to 36 inclusive. The croupier releases a ball into the spinning wheel and you bet on which segment you think the ball will stop on.  

There are a number of design features that give players more betting options. The layout of the wheel and the betting area allows for bets on groups of numbers that are positioned together. At the same time, it is also possible to bet on groups of numbers that share characteristics, such as all the red numbers or all the even numbers.  

There are many types of different Roulette bets and they can be split into two main categories, inside bets (those on individual numbered spaces or the lines that separate them on the betting area) and outside bets (those on the spaces below and to the right of the betting area).  

The inside bets are: 

  • Straight – A bet on a single number 
  • Street – A bet on a row of three numbers on the betting area 
  • Split – A bet on two adjacent numbers  
  • Corner – A bet on four numbers that form a square on the betting area 
  • Line – A bet on two streets covering six numbers 
  • Trio – A bet on three numbers including 0 

The outside bets are:  

  • Column Bet – A bet on a column of 12 numbers on the betting area 
  • Dozen Bet – A bet on a set of 12 numbers, 1 – 12, 13 – 24 or 25 – 36. 
  • Red/Black – A bet on all the red or all the black numbers 
  • Even/Odd – A bet on all the even or all the odd numbers 
  • Low/High Bet: A bet on whether the ball will land on a low or high number (1 – 18 or 19 – 36).  

To the left of the main betting area is the Racetrack betting area. It allows you to place some fixed betting patterns with ease:  

  • Voisins du Zero: A bet on the neighbours of 0 on the wheel, it includes every number between 22 and 25.  
  • Tier: A bet on the area of the wheel opposite 0, the bet covers about a third of the wheel between 33 and 27.  
  • Orphelins: A bet on the numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.  
  • Zero: A bet on seven numbers surrounding zero on the wheel 

In addition to the two betting areas, there is a special bets shortcut to place Final, Complete Bets and Half Complete bets: 

  • Final Bet: This is a bet on all the numbers that share the same last number. For example, a final bet on the number 5 would place chips on 7, 17, and 27.  
  • Complete Bet: This covers all the betting positions associated with a certain number. The bet consists of a Straight Bet, Split Bet, Corner Bet, Street Bet and Line Bet. 
  • Half-Complete Bet: This covers the same betting positions as the Complete bet, but without the Street and Line Bets.  

How a Round Works  

Between each round, you need to position your chips on the betting area for the next round. Once the betting period is over, the croupier releases the ball into the wheel. After it has come to a stop, you will be paid out for any winning bets.  


The game offers the standard Roulette payouts. The smallest payout is 1:1 for the bets that cover large groups of numbers, such as the Reds, Blacks, Odds or Evens. Column and Dozen bets payout at 2:1, Line bets payout at 5:1, Corner bets payout at 8:1, Street bets payout at 11:1, Split bets pay at 17:1, and Straight Up bets offer the largest payouts of 35:1. 


 Statistics and Results 

Those who enjoy statistics will find that they can easily view many such as what percentage of results have been red or black, odd or even, and more over the last 100, 200, 500 or 1000 spins. You can also view the results themselves as well as a statistical analysis of hot and cold spots on the wheel.  

Bet Creator 

This tool allows you to build custom betting patterns and save them. You can then place your saved bets very quickly in the allocated betting time without having to spend time repositioning the chips.  

Lucky Dip 

This will place chips on a number of random Straight Up betting positions so that you do not need to choose which numbers to bet on.