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Blackjack Scratch

Blackjack Scratch

Game Description

Blackjack Scratch combines the game of Blackjack with the simplicity of a scratch card. You will be taking on the dealer with three hands at a time and if any one of them defeats the dealer’s hand then you will win. While the game follows the principles of Blackjack, that you need to build a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, there is no option to Hit, Stand, Double, or anything else, you simply play with the first two cards that are dealt, greatly simplifying the process.

Blackjack Scratch

How to Play

To start a round you just need to place your bet and click on Deal. You are then dealt one face up card and one face down card to each of the three hand positions and the dealer is also dealt one face up card and one face down card.

For each of your hand positions you then need to scratch away the facedown card. This will reveal the value of the hand and how much you will win if that hand beats the dealer’s hand. Once you have scratched away all three hands you can then scratch away the dealer’s second card to reveal the value of the dealer’s hand. If any of your hands have a higher value than the dealer’s hand then you will win the value displayed below it.


The prize money assigned to each hand position is random but it can be anything up to 10,000 times your bet for the round.