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Pick'em Poker

Pick'em Poker

Pick’em Poker is a video poker game in which you use stacks of cards to form your hand to try to win the top payout of 6000x.

Pick'em Poker

How To Play

Pick’em Poker is an enjoyable video poker game that takes very little time to learn. All you need to do is put together the best five-card poker hand possible. 

At the start of a round you first need to decide how many hands you want to play at the same time, 1, 4, 10, 25, 50 or 100. You then need to set your coin size and how many coins you wish to bet per hand, from 1 to 5.  

If you look at the game’s paytable then you will see that it has five coins. The columns correspond to how many coins you are betting, so if you bet one coin you are playing for the first column, two coins to play for the second column, and so on. You can use the ‘Bet One’ and ‘Bet Max’ buttons to adjust how many coins you are betting.  

When you are happy with your bet click on ‘Deal’. You will see that you are dealt two cards to the left and on the right there are two stacks of three cards. You can only see the top card of each stack and need to pick one of the stacks to complete your hand. The cards are then revealed and you will be paid out for any winning hands.  

The lowest winning hand is a pair of Nines or Better. It is followed by Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.  

If you have formed a winning hand you can click on ‘Gamble’ to play a small game and try to increase your winnings. You have the choice to gamble half of your winnings or the entire amount. You are then shown one face up card and need to choose from the face down cards to find one that is higher in value. If you pick correctly then your gambled amount is doubled.  


The payouts change depending on how many coins you have bet. If you are betting one coin per hand then Nines or Better pays 2x, Two Pairs pays 3x, Three of a Kind pays 5x, Straight pays 11x, Flush pays 15x, Full House pays 18x, Four of a Kind pays 100x, Straight Flush pays 200x, and a Royal Flush pays 1000x.  

If you are playing with more than one coin then the payouts are multiplied by how many coins you have bet. This means that to win the top payouts you need to bet five coins per hand, that way a Royal Flush will payout 6000x.