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Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker

Game Description

Red Dog Poker is an enjoyable guessing game played with a single deck of cards. Two cards are drawn from a pack and all you need to do is guess if the third card drawn will lie in-between the first two in value. If it is then you can win some huge payouts. 

Red Dog Poker


How To Play 

Red Dog Poker is a simple card game in which you need to predict if the value of a third card drawn from a pack will be in-between the value of the first two cards drawn. The game is played with a standard deck of cards, the number cards have their face value, Jack is worth 11, Queen is worth 12, King is worth 13, and Aces are worth 14. It doesn’t matter what suit the cards are and the game is played with a single deck.  

To start a round you need to place your chips in the area marked ‘Bet Raise’. When you are happy with your bet click on ‘Deal’ and two cards are drawn from the deck.  

If the two cards have consecutive values, such as a 6 and 7, then it is a tie. Your bet will be returned to you and the round is over. If the cards have the same value a third card is drawn. If it has the same value as the first two cards then you win 11:1, otherwise it is a tie.  

If the cards are neither consecutive nor equal then the spread is established. The spread is the number of card values between the two cards. For example, a 3 and a 7 have a spread of 3, and a 7 and a Queen have a spread of 4. The spread is marked on the table using the Red Dog token.  

You then have the option to Raise (which doubles your bet) or to Call (continue with the same bet). A third card is then drawn. If its value lies between the first two cards, for example if the first two cards were a 3 and a 9 and the third card was a 5, then you win according to the payout table. If it matches one of the first two cards or is outside the spread then you lose.  


The payouts in Red Dog Poker differ according to the spread of the cards. A spread of 1 pays 5:1, a spread of 2 pays 4:1, a spread of 3 pays 2:1, a spread of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 pays even money. If the first two cards drawn cards are consecutive or a pair then the bet is returned as a Tie, and if there are three of a kind then you win the top payout of 11:1.